Apr 28, 2017

Summer Bucket List! 50 Fun Ideas - No Batteries Required!

Summer is almost here!  If your family is anything like mine, you can't wait for the sunshine and sand!  Our busy lives and the prominence of electronics have definitely had an impact on my ability to come up with creative things to do with my family - so I made a list to share with lots of fun ideas of things we can do for those days that I'm feeling stumped!  Hopefully, it sparks your creativity and you come up with more ideas on your own!  If you do, be sure to comment them here to share with other Metro Detroit Moms!

       Give your child a camera to capture all of their summer adventures

Make a ‘summer’ scrapbook before school begins

Have your child make a list of 3-5 places they want to go or things they want to do

Have your child make an additional list of things they can do to earn those excursions

Volunteer at your local community garden or nature center

Choose something new to learn

Go on a Farmer’s Market tour and see how many you can find

Plant and grow your own tomatoes or herb garden

Pick fresh berries

Take a dinner cruise

Visit a city theatre production

Go to a concert in the park (most communities have their own version of this!)

Enroll in a class or event through your community center

Have a water balloon fight

Gather some friends and organize a backyard field day

Make a fort outside (or use a tent) and sleep under the stars in your backyard

Make a list of all of the metroparks in your area and make it a point to hike a trail at each one

Visit a waterpark (There are fun waterslides at Kensington Metropark!)

Have a family game night outdoors

Check out a building workshop at Lowe’s or Home Depot

Have a tea party on your front porch

Collect shells from the beaches

Make a batch of homemade popsicles with your farmers market finds

Make a hopscotch marathon with sidewalk chalk

Hang paper rolls on the fence and fingerpaint outside

Make and erupt a volcano

Make homemade pinatas

Make homemade ice cream

Learn a new sport

Host a neighborhood luau and get to know your neighbors

Set up a lemonade stand

Roast hotdogs and s’mores over the fire pit or grill

Take family bike rides

Take family evening walks

Lay out under the stars and identify shapes

Make a fort with old sheets or blankets

Repurpose an old piece of furniture

Fill a baby pool full of bubble solution and use hula hoops to make giant bubbles

Have a sandcastle building contest

Go for a nature walk, collect items from the ground and come home to craft them into a collage

Learn about bees and how they make honey

Go for a scavenger hunt

 Go to a skate park and watch the skateboarders (or learn how and join in!)

 Have a silly string war

 Sign up for volunteering or other community service opportunities

 Mow a neighbor’s lawn, just because

 Hand wash the car

 Have a silly photo shoot in your yard

 Head to a pond and watch for ducks, learn about the different kinds

Tie-die some tee shirts 

Wishing you lots and lots of summer fun and happy memories!
xo, Robin - Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger

Counselor's Corner: Developing Healthy Friendships

At a young age, our kids are influenced by their peers but even before their peers have clout we set the stage for their social and emotional engagement.  I have been doing a lot of work in the field of anti-bullying, relational aggression and friendship. As a therapist, these topics are of interest to my client base and unfortunately, unhealthy friendships are sometimes a big reason why someone would seek out a counselor. It helps me a bit to have a head start in this regard because my three-year-old is at the point where he is determining his friends, best friends and as he calls them the "bad guys".

 His friends are inclusive of everyone including the Starbucks barista. His best friends are specific and dear to him. They usually include kids from his pre-school or the neighborhood. The bad guys are what he tends to call those he doesn't agree with. This means that his dad and I have been the "bad guys" before too. When I became a mother I realized that my whole road map to friendship was altered in some ways. I gained "mom" friends.

Mom friends helped me to get through the swaddling, the tummy-time, potty-training and they still are great for playdates and lots of coffee time meeting where we share best practices on discipline, toddler menus and the like. I have talked with so many parents who feel judged and unfortunately a fair share of them that feel bullied. I have empathy for a parent who feels as though they are not included in playgroups or overlooked for fun activities. I want us, as parents to take a deeper look at what this models, though...when a parent excludes, teases or berates another parent for whatever reason they are usually in front of a tinier audience who is taking it all in. The person watching them is usually their own kid and that child is getting an education in what friendship is. Please understand I am not saying it is possible to be friends with everyone and I would never put that pressure on anyone.

What I am saying is that the dignity and respect or lack thereof that we show for other parents is example setting for our kids to learn how to treat their own friends. We are still learning just like our young people and we have chances to get it wrong but thankfully we have chances to make it right. Below are some suggestions on how to talk about healthy friendships with your young people. Since they are watching us anyway it doesn't hurt to communicate about our own friendships with them as well. This can make us relatable and create a healthy foundation for the future.

Talking Tips:

*Ask your kids what they like best about their friends and talk about what you like best about your own friends
*Go to the craft store and buy items so that each of you can make small gifts for a special friend.
*Talk about boundaries and when you think you have to disagree with your friends
*Have a parent and child playdate on a regular basis where kids and their parents come over for snacks, drinks, and fun (rotate homes if need be).
*Be sure to let your child know that they can always talk to you about friendship

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Get Ready to Spring into Corktown May 20, 2017

Plant flowers, practice yoga, see Detroit’s newest statue, tour Corktown, more 

WHAT:                                           The Corktown Business Association and local business owners are ready to celebrate the season by planning a brand new event meant to bring families together, commemorate a new addition to the city and welcome shoppers, diners and visitors. Spring into Corktown is a day-long celebration expected to draw crowds to help beautify the neighborhood, enjoy fitness classes in Dean Savage Park, experience the unveiling of a statue on Michigan Avenue, entertain families with a Kid’s Corner at Bagley and Trumbull, and more. The event itself is free and includes a complimentary shuttle service to local businesses.

WHERE:                              Corktown, Detroit
WHEN:                               9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, May 20, the public is welcome at Detroit’s first Spring into Corktown community celebration.

CORKTOWN:                                   9 a.m. Event begins with Motor City Makeover
Check-in at Roosevelt Park to volunteer.
Enjoy complimentary bagels and coffee, courtesy of 
Detroit Institute of Bagels.
Help plant flowers and beautify Corktown and enter a raffle for prizes.

11a.m. Statue Unveiling
Strategic Staffing Solutions and HATCH Detroit as Corktown’s newest art object by the Nordin Brothers of the Detroit Design Center is unveiled at 14th Street and Michigan Ave. The art installation will welcome visitors to Corktown. It honors the spirit of Michigan veterans. Don’t miss the official unveiling. 

Noon Experience free fitness classes at Dean Savage Memorial Park
Head to the corner of Trumbull and Porter streets to join in a yoga, fitness or dance class by the following:
12-1 p.m. Citizen Yoga
1-2 p.m. 
True Body Fitness
2-3 p.m. 
Detroit’s Morning Beats Dance

1 p.m. Kid’s Corner opens
Bagley and Trumbull next to 
The Farmer’s Hand marks the spot for family-friendly entertainment, carnival games, crafts, music coordinated by Hello Records and more. Kid’s Corner is open until 5 p.m. on May 20.
1-2:30 p.m. King Moore hosts a 12 and Under Poetry Open Mic on stage.
3-5 p.m. Visit Sandy’s Land Face Painting, play carnival games, complete crafts and meet the Fresh Food Fairy.

GET AROUND:                            From noon to 5 p.m., shop, dine and tour Corktown. A complimentary Corktown Shuttle Service, made possible by McShane’s, will be available to all shoppers and visitors in the Corktown area during Spring into Corktown. The shuttle will feature a history tour by Corktown Experience and offer stops at many local businesses in the neighborhood, including:

·       Dean Savage Park
·       Detroit Artifactry
·       Detroit Athletic Company
·       Eldorado General Store
·       The Farmer's Hand
·       Hello Records 
·       Mama Coo's Boutique
·       Metropolis Cycles
·       Roosevelt Park

FOUNDER:                                   Erin Gavle, owner of Eldorado General Store        

SPONSORS:                                 Spring into Corktown is made possible by the Corktown Business Association, Eldorado General Store, Hatch Detroit, MotorCity Casino and Hotel and Strategic Staffing Solutions.

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Martha & Marley Spoon - Cooking Redesigned

Seems like there is very little time in the day to do much between taking the girls to their events, cleaning, blogging, and everything else that needs to be done. Sometimes dinner is an afterthought and I'm throwing whatever I can find in the pantry and fridge together, or just scrapping cooking altogether and going out to eat.

I wanted to try something different, so I reached out to Martha & Marley Spoon.  They sent me four courtesy meals in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are my own.  Your experience may vary.

How it works: go to Marleyspoon.com and select which plan you would like.  They offer 2, 3, and 4 meals per week for two or four people.  We received the family box (for four) with two meals for two weeks.  You then select your meal choices from their weekly menu.

Our first week we selected Roasted Spiced Chicken with Cheesy Baked Broccoli and
Teriyaki Salmon Burgers with Pineapple and Sweet Potato Fries.  Our second week we selected Ham & Asparagus Skillet Pancake and Orecchiette and Sausage. 

Then, a box is delivered to your door with all the fresh ingredients in it. You can watch my first unboxing here: 

Unboxing of Martha & Marley Spoon live #sp
Martha & Marley Spoon - Fresh Meals Delivered to your Door!
Posted by Metro Detroit Mommy on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Each meal comes with most of the ingredients you will need plus a meal card with detailed instructions and image of the final product. Here is the Teriyaki Salmon Burgers with Pineapple and Sweet Potato Fries.

So, while we have almost everything in the box to make a meal. The meals take a bit of time to prepare.  There is a lot of cutting, mixing and prepping involved.  I noticed that each meal also used a few bowls in the prep process, all were under an hour from start to finish, but none allowed me to put the food in the oven, and relax for a few minutes.  Each meal came with just enough food for a family of four depending on the age and appetite, if you have hungry teens, you might need to supplement with other foods.  We have five children, ages seven years, four years and twenty months and the meals were perfect.  The three girls split two servings.

All four meals contained recipes I would have never thought to make on my own and it certainly did expand my culinary repertoire.  Chancellor and I enjoyed each meal, however, the girls were less than thrilled.  Chalk it up to being kids, new foods, and flavors, etc.  I'm sure if we did this regularly that they would get used to it.  I would probably also let them have a say in the meals we choose.

The meal that the kids enjoyed the most was the Ham & Asparagus Skillet Pancake (pictured below).  The whole concept was amazing and I saved the recipe card so I can make it again (but with different ingredients).

The meals currently range from $8.70 to $9.50 per serving, which is much less that going out to eat.  I likely saved money because I didn't buy food that was wasted either because I didn't use it before it went bad or leftovers sat in the fridge and didn't get eaten.  I love the convenience of having the fresh ingredients for dinner delivered to my door and my meals being pre-planned.  I look forward to signing up, but I'm going to let my kids have more of a voice in the meals and I will take a bit more liberty when making the dishes to customize them to suit our families tastes.

Want to try it out?  Drop by MarleySpoon.com and get started.

Or get social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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Apr 27, 2017

Community Service Ideas & How Kids Can Help

Volunteering in our community as children and extending kindness to others is a fundamental part of developing these habits later in life.  Most often, children learn these habits from their parents – but let’s be honest; sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to even squeeze in a shower – let alone preparing a meal for a homeless person.  Also, sometimes funds are tight and we don’t always have the extra to give.  Even if you pre-plan by selecting one day a year to complete a community service project, and select one that’s free, it’s absolutely better than doing nothing. 

My Mother is one of the most selfless persons I know and I feel so enriched and blessed to witness those characteristics while I was being raised. I’m sad to say that I haven’t done well enough carrying that on and teaching it to my children – but this is something we are changing this summer!  Every year during the holidays, my parents would donate a meal to a needy family.  I remember this one particular year, where my Mom (who was a single mother, raising two children by herself for many years) felt down about the fact that she didn’t have enough money to donate a meal for Easter of that year. She sat down with my sister and me, who were about 8 and 10 years old, and asked us to make a choice.  We could either have an Easter dinner for ourselves, or we could skip out this year and provide one to another family instead.  My sister and I chose to gift a meal to another family.  Our Mom honored this choice.  When we went shopping to pick up the ingredients, our family was blessed with so many clearance items and BOGO sales that we were able to provide the meal for another family and our own, with money left over to spare.  Additionally, the bakery gifted us an extra bunny cake that they made by mistake.  I will never forget that Easter, as I still vividly remember it 20-some years later and think back on it with a smile.  I learned that when you do things selflessly for others, the good fortune comes back to you in return.

So, what kinds of things can we do to help in our communities – and how can our kids help?

TEN WAYS your child can participate in community service

Organize a food drive
Your child can create a flyer or message to distribute to family, friends, and neighbors asking for non-perishable food items to be donated to your local food bank.  Allowing them to design the flyer and lead the food drive allows them to use their leadership skills and creative ideas to help their community. 

Grab bags
Your child can create grab bags with little toys, activities, and necessities (socks, hair accessories) to donate to a homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter where children are accepted for housing.

Visiting the elderly
Select a day to visit a senior-citizen home to play games and read with residents.

Clothing drive
Much like the food drive, your child can organize a clothing drive with friends and family to donate to a shelter or the salvation army.

Your child can volunteer to help a neighbor with their yard work, mowing the lawn, clearing trash – or whatever activity is age-appropriate for them. 

Clean up a park day
Select a date and invite friends and family to join in for a park cleanup day!  Have a contest for whoever fills up their garbage bag the quickest.  Don’t forget gloves and safety training for what’s safe to pick up and what they should ask an adult's help for!

Donate a meal
Think of a needy family in your community, someone that is ill or maybe someone that recently had a baby.  Your child can help you cook and deliver a meal to help that family during this part of their lives.  Alternatively, you can check with local soup kitchens to see if your child is able to volunteer to make and serve a meal.

Donate toys
Empower your child to select his/her own grouping of toys that they no longer play with and donate it to a child in need of some new toys to play with.

Share some love with an animal
Call around to local animal rescues and shelters and volunteer to help feed or care for the animals, or take them for a walk/playtime.

Help build a home
Habitat for Humanity has opportunities for volunteers of all ages – call your local chapter and see how you can help!

What community service traditions do you and your family have?  What kinds of random acts of kindness have been done for you, or that you have done for others?  Share some ideas! 

Apr 26, 2017

Time Savvy Mom Tips

Time Savvy Mom Tips

The feeling of overwhelm is almost a given when you're a mom! We've got so much to do, and so many people to take care of at home. We often put our own needs aside until we're so fed up we trade in the kitchen towel for a beach towel and head to Tahiti for a quiet week alone. (Well, maybe we don't actually go to Tahiti-  but that fantasy is on my dream board!)

My point being, as moms we have to fill our own pitchers first so we can give our family the best version of ourselves. As a single mom of two boys and owner of TWO businesses, I'm here to give you my tried and true tips to achieve “Time Savvy Mom Status” that just might allow you some quiet time to yourself (Tahiti not guaranteed). Since I’m in the business of helping families thrive by saving them time, I guess you could say I’m an expert!

Tip #1: Master Your Schedule
“The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”- Stephen Covey
This quote changed the way I plan EVERYTHING. I used to try to cram as many things as I had to do into my day, and one of two things would always happen. I would either do it all and burn myself out completely OR I wouldn't get even half the things done that I planned and feel like a huge failure. So, I made a list of personal values, and started scheduling those things first. For instance- quality time with my kids, certain experiences, self care, connecting with a friend, etc. I would plug those into my calendar and everything else was scheduled around MY LIFE instead of the other way around. It helps also, to brain dump. Every time your brain starts spinning with to-do’s or ideas, dump them! Write them all down in a notebook and get them out of your head. Then, when you’re looking at your schedule and planning your day (which I recommend you take a few minutes to do every evening) you can look at what you’ve recently dumped and schedule what’s most important around the rest of your actual life.
PHEW! Now schedules don’t seem that overwhelming, do they?

Tip #2: Delete Facebook
Ok- you don’t have to totally delete Facebook. I have social media, and am active on it. Hey, I get many of my referrals for my businesses there. However, you should at least consider deleting it from your phone. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest too for that matter. Ok, maybe not Pinterest! Think about it though- how much time do you ACTUALLY spend every day sucked into your newsfeed on Facebook? I was SO guilty of this- I would lose way too much time sucked into useless drama on my newsfeed. Deleting Facebook from my phone was one of the smartest, and EASIEST things I have ever done to give myself more time. The decrease in brain stimulation has also helped reduce stress for me too! I still check into my social media profiles, but now I do it once a day, at my computer at a scheduled time.

Tip #3: Become a Minimalist
The truth is, too much stuff is overwhelming and creates stress in our lives. When you have less, there’s less to do and manage! Purging feels soooo good. I always feel renewed after getting rid of items from my house. When there’s less stuff lying around I feel like my mind is clearer, and my stress is greatly minimized. There’s a book I suggest everyone read called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a book teaching the Japanese method of decluttering and organizing. It really is life changing, and teaches you to let go of items that really are bringing no value to your life. This is one of my favorite tips, and one of my favorite things to help others do with my business.

Tip #4: Two Words: Toy Rotation
When it comes to minimizing your stuff, the most cumbersome seems to be the playroom. Just like having too much clutter is stressful for adults, being overwhelmed with toy options is stressful for kids too. A great solution is to set up a toy rotation system. Some people choose to categorize toy bins, and bring them out on a rotated schedule, and some, like me, rotate according to their child’s desires. We split the toys into different categories, and put them all in their own bins, boxes, and bags. We have some bins stored where my boys can easily get them on their own, and some bigger bins in a closet. I casually rotate the toys when I notice my boys are starting to get bored with what is in their playroom. This technique makes picking up toys so much faster, and my kids are more willing to help with clean up when there’s less to have to pick up. I also occasionally take inventory of what we have and what they actually pick out to play with consistently. What is left collecting dust is either sold or donated.

Tip #5: Capsule Wardrobes
Just like minimizing toys, minimizing your clothing options will save you time on laundry, and time picking out your outfits every day! Making a capsule wardrobe is easy. You keep around a minimal number of tops, pants, skirts, and a dress or two that you can mix and match to make many different outfits. You can even make capsule wardrobes for your kids. This tip has made my life so much more simple. I have literally eliminated my laundry mountain I could never seem to tackle. This does mean we do laundry a little more frequently, however, the loads are smaller and it’s so much easier to manage now. Our clothes actually end up getting put away instead of staying in a basket on the floor!

Tip #6: Plan and Prep All Your Meals
If you know what you’re going to eat, you’ll never waste time thinking about what’s for dinner. No more going to the fridge and staring mindlessly while trying to decide what snack you want to eat. As a single mom, this is a MUST for me. I spend a couple hours every week prepping my food, chopping all my veggies and fruit, and making a few big batches of meals so we always have something at the ready. This is especially helpful for our on the go lifestyle! We always have a snack on hand to grab when we are heading out the door. I can also make sure my boys and I are eating a balanced, varied diet during our day when I plan it in advance. Once you get the hang of the process of meal plan and meal prep, it becomes pretty easy. The time you put into it on your meal prep days is well worth it the rest of the week. This is another service I offer my clients. I plan their meals, do their grocery shopping, and prep food to save them time and make their lives easier.

Tip #7: Say No!
This is another easy way to save yourself time, and for some of us can be one of the hardest. However, once you master tip #1, and you fully know what it is you value in your life, saying no to people actually becomes easy. We really don’t have time to do everything. I sure don’t. I don’t have anymore time than anyone else, and the way I stay on top of what I need to do is by taking the time to consider my priorities. When someone asks me to attend an event, party, or participate in some sort of activity my automatic response is “Let me get back to you on that!”. Usually, I really want to say yes to whatever it is I have been asked to do, or am invited to. However, it’s not always realistic for me, or I know the stress from said event, won’t be worth it! It’s ok to say no, even when you want to say yes. When you do say no, it means you’re valuing yourself- and as a mom this is really important!

Tip #8: Hire a Professional
Having professional help around the house is so nice! You can hire a house cleaner, dog walker, lawn maintenance, or even someone like me to help you with your repetitive chores at home. I provide household management services like minimizing and decluttering, laundry, dishes, personal shopping, and meal planning/prep. My mission is to help you thrive as a family by serving you in your day to day life. I get to help you have more time enjoying your family, and less time focused on cleaning up after them. I think hiring professional help is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, sanity, and creating more quality free time. (And FYI I have special Mother's Day Themed Gift Cards available.... hint hint.)

Whether you choose to implement all of these things, or just one or two, I'm sure you'll find more time in your day to relax a little. I do recommend starting slowly, and mastering one at a time so not to overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once.  Take it from me- the queen of taking on too much (ha!)- these techniques are time and life savers.

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Summer Water Safety - Natural Bodies of Water

Brought to you by Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan

With Six Metro Detroit Locations to serve you in Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills (coming soon) and Farmington Hills (coming soon).

Summer in Michigan, for my family, means spending long, lazy days at the beach.  I'm so excited for this summer to get started so we can enjoy some of our favorite local beaches, and a few of our favorite camping spots. And although natural waterways can be super fun to enjoy, you should take a few precautions to make sure you and your family are safe.

Water Safety at the Beach

Swim in safe areas - Natural waters can contain sharp rocks, dropoffs, rip currents (in the ocean), waves, or even waterfalls.  It is best to be familiar with your surroundings, so you and your family know what to expect.  Only swim in areas that you know are safe for swimming and where you have permission to swim.  If you are swimming in a natural body of water be sure to consider that wildlife may also be present in the water.  Jellyfish are present in the oceans. Turtles, leeches biting fish, crocodiles, alligators, and bacteria may be present in fresh water.  In Michigan, it is especially important to consider the e. Coli levels since many beaches close often during the summer due to dangerous levels.  

Set limits based on abilities - know your children's and your own ability to swim and tell your children what they can and cannot do based on their skills.  Younger children may be allowed to swim up to their knees at the beach while older children may be able to go up to their waist.

Enroll your child in formal swimming lessons: The America’s National Institute of Health study concluded that participation in formal swimming lessons, like those offered at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan, was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning for children ages 1 to 4 years (Archives Pediatric Medicine, Vol 163 No 3, March 2009).

Always actively supervise children when they are near water - Eliminate distractions. Things like your phone, a book, or even a conversation can easily allow for a moment you are not watching your children.  It only takes a couple of seconds for a child to drown.

Within Reach Supervision for children under the age of 5 - It is highly recommended that children under the age of five be within your reach when in the water.  

Make it a rule to always have an adult supervise children when they swim - Be sure the children know they are NOT allowed to go in the water if there is not an adult actively watching them.

Swim with a buddy - Always swim with a friend so that if something goes wrong they are there to help you. This is especially important for young adults and children who should have adult supervision when swimming.

Water Safety on/near Boats 

The best way to prevent drowning is to know how to swim.  Boaters and riders are encouraged to learn this vital skill, even if they do not plan on getting in the water.
All passengers on boats and those participating in water sports such as skiing, tubing or jet-skiing should wear Coast Guard approved life jackets.

Avoid boater/swimmer accidents. If you decided to swim off board or participate in water sports, be aware of your surroundings to make sure that other boaters are able to see you and that you are not in their pathway. A designated lookout should keep an eye on swimmers in the group to make sure they are safe and watch for potential hazards like other boaters or jet skiers.  Boats should be kept out of designated swimming areas.

 Don't Drink and Drive - The same rules apply to watercrafts regarding the use of alcohol and operating vehicles.  Drinking impairs judgment and reaction time.  

Bring a Charged Cell Phone or Marine Radio.  Accidents happen and being prepared will give you the ability to get the help you need should the worst happen and you need help.  

Stay out of the Water in Bad Weather.  Bad weather can create choppy waves, reduce visibility and make boating and swimming dangerous.  Lightning can strike causing serious injury or death to those in the water. 

Here are some other great tips: 

·         Bring a first aid kit and phone with you
·         Enroll in a water safety course
·         Learn CPR & First Aid 
·         Use sunscreen
·         Drink plenty of water
·         Ensure children take adequate breaks while swimming
·         If a child is missing, look for him or her in the water first.
·         No Swimming in canals or fast moving water
·         Only swim in oceans when a lifeguard is on duty
·         Teach your children about Rip Currents when swimming in the ocean

·         Be aware of possible wildlife dangers while in or near natural waters

We hope you have a fantastic summer this year and enjoy the warm sunny rays and long summer days. 

More About Aqua-Tots

Teaching kids to swim has been the foundation of Aqua-Tots since they began. And today they still take special care to make sure their swim schools are a welcoming, comfortable and inviting place for kids of all ages at our Detroit area locations including Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills (coming soon) and Farmington Hills (coming soon). Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan offers swim classes for babies, toddlers, infants, kids, swim team, adults, and children with special needs at over 70 locations worldwide. With never more than 4 students per swim class, this intimate setting provides a great environment for children learning to swim. Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY in water evaluation and tour today.
Troy 248-845-4545
Sterling Heights 586-844-3633
Novi 248-845-4544
Canton 734-828-2000
Farmington Hills 248-537-4004 (Coming Soon)
Auburn Hills 248-537-4005 (Coming Soon)

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