Aug 17, 2017

The Illusionists Presents Adam Trent at the Fox Theatre: Discount Ticket Info

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“Broadway/TV star Adam Trent is bringing his signature brand of magic and illusion to the Fox Theatre in a 90-minute stage spectacle on Thursday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m.; part of the Fifth Third Bank Fox Theatre Series. Produced by the creative team behind The Illusionists, the world’s best-selling touring magic show, The Illusionists Presents Adam Trent( is an immersive entertainment extravaganza of magic, comedy and music designed to entertain the entire family. Showcasing his “futuristic” brand of magic, Trent has mesmerized live audiences around the globe, in person and as a featured guest on America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, Ellen, the Travel Channel and Disney Channel among countless other TV appearances. The 31-year-old also stars in his own recently launched 10-episode TV series The Road Trick on Red Bull TV.

Trent inaugurated the first 2 years of The Illusionists’ record breaking Broadway runs, which served as a launching pad for his own live show and tour. “I am so excited to hit the road and bring an entirely new show to audiences around the world,” says Trent, who has always thought that magic should be entertaining first and tricky second. He doesn’t want people to remember “tricks” as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance. “This will be a show like you’ve never seen.”

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Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 7:30p

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You can purchase tickets by phone at 313-471-3095 and mention Metro Detroit Mommy, or you can purchase tickets online at use the Promo code: MOMMYIf you having trouble using Internet Explorer, please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

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Aug 16, 2017

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month: Five Tips to Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy

By: Dr. Gina Lynem-Walker, physician consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Gina Lynem-Walker

An estimated 2.4 million eye injuries occur every year in the United States. Of these, many children are affected, which is why August was designated as “Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. The initiative aims to serve as an important reminder of the risk factors, methods of prevention and warning signs associated with common eye injuries.
  •  Sun: Though the sun is most often associated with skin health, it also poses a potential threat to eye health. Fortunately, protecting the eyes can be as simple as wearing the right type of sunglasses. Only about half of the people who wear sunglasses claim to check the UV rating before buying them, which makes a significant difference to the level of protection. When buying sunglasses, be sure to check the label for 100 percent UV protection. Damage to eyes can occur even on cloudy days, so it’s important to keep shades handy on a regular basis
  • Screen Time: Whether it’s a phone, computer or tablet, adults and children tend to stare at screens for hours at a time each day. Research shows that between 50 to 90 percent of people using these devices display signs of eye problems, especially those associated with computer vision syndrome (CVS). These symptoms can include blurred vision, double vision, dry eye, headaches or neck and back pain. People suffering from these symptoms should manage screen time, try to reduce glare and give the eyes a break at least every 20 minutes.
  • Household Items: Believe it or not, nearly half of all eye injuries occur at home. Some household items that pose potential threats to eye health include cleaning products, outdoor chemicals, hot grease/oil and makeup. For children, certain toys can prove to be dangerous as well. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) provides families a variety of eye-safety standards that can be reviewed before purchasing a toy or craft.
  • Dry Eyes: There are many causes of dry eyes for adults and children. While certain risk factors are uncontrollable (age, gender, contacts, medication) there are ways to manage the threat. Those suffering from dry eyes can use over-the-counter artificial tear solutions or visit a doctor if symptoms continue. In certain cases, health care providers will prescribe eye drops to increase tear production. Blinking regularly, wearing sunglasses outdoors and staying hydrated helps as well.
  •  Natural Fixes: A great way to support eye health is to consume foods that contribute to healthy vision. Increasing the amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids while limiting sugar and saturated fat intake is recommended. Some foods that can improve eye health include spinach, strawberries, seeds, nuts, oysters, salmon, carrots and sweet potatoes. 

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Counselor's Corner: Speaking Up

Hello Mommy friends! In our little corner of Metro Detroit Mommy we talk about a lot of things right? Bullying, wellness, healthy development and activities that help our kids to be better and us to be happier. We also take the time to discuss current affairs. In today's column I want you to read a Facebook and Linked In post that I felt needed to be written and shared. I know that using my own voice and my own words can bring about change, healthy and meaningful dialogue and a better understanding for all of us collectively. Please read it and if you are touched in any way...please share with those in your own network. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments as well. -Tara

A couple of years ago when Cannon was almost two I walked with him through the Civil Rights area of the Henry Ford Museum. It is an impressive exhibit. He was a wobbly little guy at the time and pretty smiley and happy. When he saw the large replica of a KKK member his face looked terrified and he wobbled backwards and did his best to run as fast as his little legs would carry him. This made an impact on me. He was not old enough to understand that this group represents death to people like him and me. DEATH, not free speech, DEATH. They hung people like me because of our heritage. They burned us, raped us, tarred and feathered us. They hate us. Justifying the KKK is shocking to me and something I never thought that I would see, but I am seeing it.
I learned about the Nazi party in more depth when I read "Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself" in elementary school and later I was assigned "The Diary of a Young Girl"  by Anne Frank in middle school. I learned more about them when I was involved in a theater class right after high school that highlighted the true terror of the train cars that people of Jewish heritage were stuffed into and the gas chamber showers they were forced into as a sick and evil way to exterminate their race. When I was in graduate school me and a few other diversity advocates had a docent led tour through the Holocaust Museum. It is interesting when you think that you have seen the worst of it only to be enlightened that what you read and even acted out was only a small glimpse at terror and hate.
I learned about how things first started off simple. People told jokes about Jewish people. Jokes are harmless right? Then they began to blame the Jewish people subtly for their own lack of progress in life. Things took a turn when books became banned and there were special rules and identifying sentiments for Jewish people. This eventually led to a loss of wealth, jobs and status simply because of heritage. Later the familiar things were showcased to me by the docent the train cars, the gas chambers but also the fact that terrible experiments were done on people who were Jewish. One of the most disgusting facts about the Holocaust that I do not hear people talk about is how they skinned people and used their skin as lamps. Yes lamps. 
When people talk to me about freedom of speech, justification or that we should ignore what we are seeing now when swastikas are being waved in the faces of people who look like me or who look like other groups who have been terrorized and marginalized historically, I do not agree. History is important to understand. If you do not know what to do right now I implore you to take a trip to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Holocaust Memorial Center. Start there. Right now we are being primed for these same events that we overcame a long time ago. I realize that a lot of people want Facebook to be fun hey me too...but my silence and oversharing of puppies on this forum at a time like this would not be congruent with my heart. I cannot ignore what is happening because you see I am the target. My son is the target. The Nazi party and the KKK have not all of a sudden changed their ideologies. So turning off my screen does not protect me. Being quiet only gives them power.
I give seminars and lectures on anti-bullying and we talk about the danger of being a bystander and how watching but doing nothing, saying nothing and justifying only empowers bullies. Lastly, many people point to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and say that more people should be like him. Keep in mind that he was non-violent not non-verbal. He went where people told him not to go. He sat where it was illegal to sit. He was not well-liked by the majority and many people who were silent watchers of terror thought he was a trouble maker and that he should be happy with how things were and not try to impact change. One of the quotes that I love by Dr. King is how I will end this post. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." #antibullying #speakingup

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Aug 15, 2017

Sweet Lorraine’s Fabulous Mac n’ Brewz - Midtown Detroit

If you love Mac 'n Cheese, you should seriously try out Sweet Lorraine’s Fabulous Mac n’ Brewz in Detroit.  This fast-casual restaurant is situated in midtown Detroit and is within walking distance of Wayne State University and the cultural center.

In addition to fab mac /n cheese, the restaurant offers fresh salads, wraps, and a full bar stocked with draft and bottled beers, sangria and liquor infusions. But the one thing that really stood out to me was the soda selection, which is not your typical restaurant selections: 

You can choose to dine in our carry out and some of the menu selections are quite interesting to say the least including the Detroit Coney Dog Mac, Mean Green Pesto Mac and the Extreme Veggie Mac.  

The girls went with the simple Simple Classic Mac and added shrimp.  YUM.  I had the Extreme Veggie Mac and added shrimp too.  

The portions were very large, so for our family of five, we easily shared the two bowls and were happy.

Currently Sweet Lorraine’s Fabulous Mac n’ Brewz has four Michigan locations, Waterford, Auburn Hills (at Great Lakes Crossing), Mid-town Detroit and Downtown Detroit (in the Renaissance Center).

What Mac n Cheese do you want to try?

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How To: Install a Car Seat in an Extended Cab Truck

"My truck doesn't have tethers in the back seat, I've looked all over for them!"

If I had a quarter for every time I heard that phrase I would play so many claw machine games, let me tell you...

But chances are your truck DOES have tethers; they're just not what you're used to seeing.

Tethers are an incredibly important connection point in a forward facing install.  A properly used tether reduces head excursion by 4-6 inches.  That is a very significant amount of space, especially when taking into consideration the close proximity of the front seat backs and how they'll come into play in a crash.

What I'm getting at here is that you should always use the tethers that are available to you... you just have to find them first.  That's where I come in.

Because nothing in life is ever easy, there is no one right way to route a tether in an extended cab truck.  It depends on the manufacturer.  For instance, the Honda Ridgeline has a very tricky set up.  You have to route the tether behind the vehicle seat's head restraint around a small bar, then pull it down the front of the seat back to attach to the tether anchor point that lives where the seat back and seat bottom meet.

Dear Honda: WHAT AND WHY?

So... totally easy and not at all confusing, right?


In a Ford F-150 Crew Cab they are slightly more straightforward.  Route the tether webbing from the child seat through the loop that is directly behind the seating location and attach it to the loop next to it.  There will be specific rules for each seating location though; for instance, if you are trying to install a seat in the center position which side should you connect the anchor to: behind driver or behind passenger?

The answer to that lies in your manual.  If you do not have the manual handy you can try looking it up online (Ford has a handy tool on their website with instructions on how to install seats using LATCH in their vehicles) or you could always ask your friendly local CPST (*wave*).  It would be nearly impossible for me to list all the ways in which the tethers connect, so please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help!  In case you're wondering: the reason tethers must be routed this way is because the space in the rear of a truck is severely limited, so in order to ensure that there is enough space to take the appropriate amount of slack from the tether, the anchor it connects to has to be a certain distance away.

Make sure that you have enough seat to work with though! Some trucks have shorter seat pans for the back seats in order to save space, and the general rule is that in order to properly and safely install a child restraint at least 80% of the seat's base needs to be supported.  Check the manual for your child restraint to be sure; some seats allow no overhang at all.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab back seats are... sorta tiny

Now here's a friendly reminder to NEVER EVER DO NOT EVER put a rear-facing car seat in the front seat of any vehicle if you cannot turn off the airbag.  If you must put a forward-facing child in the front seat always push the seat as far back as possible to keep their body away from the airbag and, as always, check for a tether anchor.

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Aug 14, 2017

Mae Stecker Park: Play, Walk, & Relax in Shelby

Whatever you and your children enjoy doing on a lovely summer day – be it playing sports, fishing, goofing around on the playground or taking a walk, Shelby Township’s Mae Stecker Park is sure to please.

Definitely put a visit here on your summer-is-almost-over bucket list!

 This park is a real gem. It may not look like much from the road, but this park on 24 Mile Road has baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, a 1.5-mile hiking trail that runs around a lovely pond, three cool play structures for kids ages 2-12, sand volleyball, tons of picnic tables, benches, shade and more. You could easily spend several hours here. Children of all ages, from toddlers to teens can find something to do here, so if you have a group that wants a fun summer outing, this park should be on your list.

There is even a pavilion you can rent, and an adorable fairy garden. So cute!

There are restrooms (we’ve been here several times and sometimes they are open and sometimes not) and Port-a-potties, plenty of trash cans and seating for parents. There’s also a lot of shady areas to have a picnic lunch or take a break.

The play structures aren’t fenced in but there are plenty of cool features for kids ages 2 and up. Even older kids will like the play structures. My 7-year-old found plenty to love.

We also enjoyed walking around the pond and will definitely come back and try to catch a fish or two.

There is also an easy geocache in this park, if that’s your thing; just note that there is LOTS of poison ivy in the area where it is hidden so use caution. Not sure what geocaching is? Here are five things to know before you go!

This park, named for a former Shelby Township clerk, opened in 1974 and is 14 acres. The address is 8600 24 Mile Road in Shelby Township. It’s just east of Van Dyke.

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Aug 13, 2017

Disney on Ice is Coming to Little Caesars Arena October 12th - 15th, 2017 {giveaway ends 8/31/17}

Show Information

Disney On Ice

“Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy set the stage for a star-studded talent extravaganza as Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars. Unleash the magic with royal sisters Anna and Elsa and the hilarious snowman, Olaf, as they sing captivating songs like “Let it Go” and “In Summer.” Life is the bubbles when Sebastian strikes up his hot crustacean band and the Daughters of Triton make a splash as they introduce Ariel in an ‘80s pop montage. Get tangled up with a chorus of harmless hooligans when they get a visit from the spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally, Flynn Rider, on their journey to see the floating lights. Relive a tale as old as time when Belle opens her heart to new adventures as the Beast’s enchanted objects take center stage for a dazzling skating spectacle. You never know what unforgettable feats your whole family will discover when Reach For The Stars debuts in your hometown!”


Thursday, October 12 at 7:00pm
Friday, October 13 at 11:00am|7:00pm
Saturday, October 14 at 11:00am|3:00pm|7:00pm
Sunday, October 15 at 11:00am|3:00pm|7:00pm

Ticket Prices for Disney On Ice:

Metro Detroit Mommy Prices: (no service fees)

Box Office Prices:

How To Purchase Tickets:

You can purchase tickets by phone at 313-471-3095 and mention Metro Detroit Mommy, or you can purchase tickets online at use the Promo code: MOMMY- If you having trouble using Internet Explorer, please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

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Giveaway Info: 

One lucky winner will receive four tickets to the Friday, October 13 at 7:00 pm performance of Disney on Ice: Reach for the Stars at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.  Use the form below to enter for your chance to win.

Disney on Ice is Coming to Little Caesars Arena October 12th - 15th, 2017

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