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Oct 22, 2016

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill

Since 1977, Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill has been a local cider mill where families can enjoy fresh-pressed, award-winning apple cider, fresh-made donuts, crispy caramel apples and a fun farm experience. Located on Warren Road near Napier in Plymouth, the orchard offers many family fun activities such as watching apple cider being made, homemade donuts and other goodies, live music on the weekends, a children’s farm, a wagon ride, pumpkin picking, and various spots for taking photos. 
My husband and I visited Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill today and even though it's a Monday, the place was busy with school children on field trips. They were enjoying the farm animals, taking wagon rides, picking pumpkins, and enjoying cider and donuts. The employees at the cider mill were well prepared for the groups as they had reserved signs on the tables and they were getting the cups of cider and donuts prepared for all those little ones. 

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill is much more than a place to visit for cider and donuts. There are farm animals such as goats, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

There are tractor-drawn hay-free wagon rides which allow participants to enjoy the sights of the colorful apples, autumn leaves, and bright pumpkins.

Photo from their website

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill has lots of great places to take photos of the kids or family. Kids of all sizes enjoy their photos in great big cut outs such as this apple.

Another family favorite is picking out pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, bales of straw, and fresh flowers (mums). The orchard provides wagons for this purpose. Grab a wagon and drag it along until you find the products that suit you and your family.

Lastly, and maybe most important, Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill has plenty of yummy treats! Located in their big red barn, you can find plenty of apple made products and more!

If you enjoy the experience of an orchard or cider mill, I suggest taking a visit to Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill. Pick a beautiful Fall day and head out to the farm! It's sure to be a family favorite.

General Information:
Address: 10735 Warren Road, Plymouth, MI 48170
Phone: 734-455-2290
Hours: Open daily 9 am -7 pm through Nov. 6

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Oct 21, 2016

The Hip Hop Nutcracker #discount and #giveaway {giveaway ends 11/11/16}

Metro Detroit Mommy and one lucky fan will receive tickets to this event in exchange for this promotional post.

The Hip Hop Nutcracker

A holiday mash-up for the entire family, The Hip Hop Nutcracker, a contemporary re-imagination of Tchaikovsky’s timeless music, will debut on the Fox Theatre stage this holiday season Sunday, December 11 at 7 p.m.  Following last year's sold-out inaugural tour across the United States and Russia, the production will embark on its second national tour.

Ticket Information 

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Discount Ticket Price
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Ashley Dolin
Group Sales Account Executive
Phone to purchase tickets with discount-313-471-3095

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Passcode: mommy

Show Time Information

Sunday, December 11 at 7:00pm

Ticket Giveaway

Use the form below to enter for your chance to win four tickets to the Rudolph performance on Sunday December 11th at 7 p.m.

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

October is Truck Month: Celebrate with a Ford Rouge Factory Tour

We are the Motor City and so fortunate to have such great automotive resources and history.  As a homeschooling mom, a trip to the Ford Rouge Factory is the perfect way to celebrate Truck Month.
Metro Detroit Mommy blogger, Erica, will be visiting later this month courtesy of The Henry Ford and sharing her experience with you, so make sure you subscribe, so you don't miss that post.

From their website: Walk through a real-life truck plant, view one of the world’s largest "living roofs," and see a gallery of iconic Ford vehicles produced at the Rouge. Located in Dearborn, just outside of Detroit, Michigan; visitors also enjoy two exciting theater experiences, from a multisensory film about the making of the new Ford F-150 truck filled with jaw-dropping special effects, to a short documentary about the factory’s past featuring rare archival footage.

To Celebrate Truck Month The Henry Ford has offered to give three of our lucky fans (and 3 family members) the opportunity to attend for free.  Just enter below for your chance to win.

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Oct 20, 2016

5 Ways to Help Children With Sensory Challenges Participate in Halloween Festivities

Overwhelming sights, smells, and textures do not have to sideline children

While many children enjoy Halloween traditions of tick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and interaction with costume-clad “ghouls and goblins,” children affected by a sensory processing disorder may interpret and react differently to these holiday activities.

“Children with sensory processing challenges may become overwhelmed with the wide array of sounds, sights and textures at Halloween time,” says Sandra Schefkind, MS, OTR/L, Pediatric Program Manager at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). “With careful planning and consideration of the child’s unique needs and strengths, families can determine which Halloween traditions are best for the child. Occupational therapy practitioners can recommend activities or environmental modifications so that Halloween is a day of fun — not dread — for children and their families.”

The American Occupational Therapy Association offers the following tips for caregivers to make Halloween a positive experience for children with sensory challenges and offer fun alternatives to increase participation in the activities:
  1. Prepare for the day. Halloween traditions often clash with established rules, like taking candy from strangers. To help children understand what Halloween is—and is not—read stories that reflect your values ahead of time. Unpredictable events like the unexpected “boo” or changes in routine like new foods or places can be challenging for some children. Reviewing and rehearsing the activities through stories, songs, and pictures will help your child anticipate activities more favorably.
  2. Make costumes safe, comfortable, and imaginative. Before shopping, parents should share costume guidelines with their children to prevent in-store meltdowns. Children should wear costumes in advance to test their comfort level when walking, reaching, and sitting. Costumes that are too long or loose pose safety concerns like causing tripping or catching fire. Masks are not recommended since they inhibit breathing and vision. Beware of costumes with exposed tags or elastic parts. Consider whether your child will feel too warm or cold in character. Will your child be willing to wear a coat over his costume? Make-up may also feel slimy, and its smell may be off putting. Will your child think the fabric is too scratchy, tight, slippery, or stiff? A child with sensory processing challenges may appreciate the “less is more” approach. For example, a short cape may suffice a superhero costume or a green shirt could indicate a turtle or frog.
  3. Trick-or-Treating can be pleasant, up to a point. Practice the sequence of walking to the door, saying “trick or treat,” putting the treat in the bag and offering “thank you” at homes of familiar neighbors. Children may benefit from starting early and avoiding the dark. Consider trick-or-treating on quiet streets or only at homes of family and friends to keep the comfort level high. Skip homes with flashing lights, loud noises, and especially scary decorations. Review and rehearse street crossing. Eating candy while trick-or-treating can pose a choking hazard or trigger allergies. Determine the ground rules on indulging before leaving home.
  4. Cater to your child’s preferences throughout the day. Some children will seek opportunities to touch “eyeballs” and pumpkin innards because they enjoy touching wet or squishy textures. Other children will prefer to keep their hands dry by decorating jack-o-lanterns with stickers and markers rather than carving. Devise strategies ahead of time by inquiring what party activities will be offered. For example, a child who may not like bobbing for apples could participate by putting the apples in the bucket. Consider planning an event with a few friends, and save large parties for the future.
  5. There’s no place like home. Know when to stop the festivities. Look for signs of sensory overload in your child—fatigue, hyper-excitability, crying, and combativeness. Often, children like handing out the candy just as much as receiving it.

For more ideas, download (in English and Spanish) AOTA's Tips for Enjoying Halloween with Sensory Challenges.

Founded in 1917, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) represents the professional interests and concerns of more than 213,000 occupational therapists, assistants, and students nationwide. The Association educates the public and advances the profession of occupational therapy by providing resources, setting standards including accreditations, and serving as an advocate to improve health care. Based in Bethesda, Md., AOTA’s major programs and activities are directed toward promoting the professional development of its members and assuring consumer access to quality services so patients can maximize their individual potential. For more information, go to

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Huggies No Baby Unhugged and the Detroit Lions

Help donate diapers to local babies at the Lions home game on Sunday, October 23

The Huggies Brand and the Detroit Lions have teamed up to ensure Detroit area babies get the diapers they need to stay clean, dry and healthy. To raise awareness of diaper need, fans with tickets to the Lions home game on Sunday, Oct. 23 can bring an unopened pack of Huggies diapers for entry into the No Baby Unhugged diaper donation pre-game event at Pride Plaza. Fans will meet Lions alumni Herman Moore, Lomas Brown and Jason Hanson, and be entered for a chance to win an assortment of prizes such as tickets to a future Lions game, Meijer gift cards and more.

According to a Huggies 2010 study and supported in the journal Pediatrics in 2013, one in three families nationwide struggle with diaper need – the inability to provide clean, dry diapers for their child. Parents often have to choose between paying for food or purchasing diapers – which can lead to increased stress and strife. In Michigan alone, the National Diaper Bank Network distributes 5.1M diapers annually to families in need, but that still isn’t enough to support the 39.8% of Detroit residents living in poverty (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). All game day diapers will be donated to the Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank.

Pick up a pack of Huggies diapers with a coupon at your local Meijer and head to Ford Field.’ Fans not attending the game can contribute by simply donating their Huggies Rewards Points to benefit the National Diaper Bank Network, or you can help Meijer and Huggies donate up to $10,000 to the cause. For every Huggies diaper purchased at Meijer between Oct. 17-23, Meijer and Huggies will donate $1 to the Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank. Fans also can donate to the Lions No Baby Unhugged Amazon registry.

·         Meet and greet opportunities with Lions alumni Herman Moore, Lomas Brown and Jason Hanson
·         Semi-truck of diapers being donated 

Sunday, Oct. 23 
10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. EST

           Ford Field
           2000 Brush Street
           Detroit, MI 48226
Pride Plaza

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating diaper need in America by ensuring every child has access to a supply of diapers needed to remain clean, dry and healthy. Recognized in communities throughout the country.
Huggies is the founding sponsor of NDBN and has been giving babies hugs in the form of 200 million diaper and wipes donations since 2010. With Huggies new No Baby Unhugged program, the brand is getting into the game day spirit by partnering with the Lions to ensure all babies in the Detroit area get the hugs and diapers they need.
Nurses from AWHONN also are working in partnership with Huggies and NDBN to close the diaper gap with the Healthy Mom & Baby Diaper Drive to collect donations by nurses in communities throughout the U.S. during educational and community events and baby showers at their hospitals, clinics and universities. 

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Oct 19, 2016

Stony Creek Orchard & Cider Mill Review

Stony Creek Orchard & Cider Mill, cider mill, fall, things to do

Stoney Creek Apple Orchard & Cider Mill is located in Romeo, Michigan. Since I'm new to Macomb County, I was excited to check out a new orchard with my husband and two daughters. The drive through Romeo was scenic. The fall colors and the landscape in the area were beautiful.

The cider mill was very rustic and old school. Stoney Creek Orchard probably hasn't changed much over the years. It was like visiting a grandparent's home; you took a step back in time.

The store had a wide selection of apples to select from. My husband loves pies made with Northern Spy apples. He was so happy to pick some up. They make an excellent tart apple pie.

We went inside the store to purchase our apple cider. They have cups and napkins so you can enjoy your purchase outside. I didn't see any indoor seating.

Across from the store, you will see a building that sells donuts. Inside this building, they're making fresh hot donuts. Stony Creek is the first cider mill that I've ever been to that served hot donuts.

The bees were bad, so we ended up heading to the car to devour our goodies. The donuts were 5 stars. Both varieties were good, but we loved the cinnamon donut. It was seriously the best cider mill donut I've ever had. Hands down the four of us agreed that these donuts were worth the thirty-minute drive. The cider tasted watered down and lacked flavor which was a bit of a disappointment.

Stony Creek Orchard & Cider Mill offers cider, donuts, and you pick pumpkins, raspberries, and apples. Inside the store, you will find honey products, lots of apple goodies, syrups, jam, and jellies. The sales room is open daily from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The U-pick is open only during the weekends from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Stoney Creek Orchard & Cider Mill
2961 W. 32 Mile Rd.
Romeo, Michigan 48065
(586) 752-2453

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Oct 18, 2016

How to Reclaim Your Identity: Three Way to Create Space for You Daily

I get it,  being a mom is hard work sometimes. We know that we need to take better care of ourselves but it feels like our household as we know it will fall apart.
So, I’m going to introduce you  to three ways that you can take care of yourself daily with no money and minimal time.
Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?
But here’s the deal, in order for it to work for you, you need to be ready to make the shift and set up some different patterns in your life.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed in life right now, that means you have tolerated people stepping on your boundaries for too long.
Trust me I know the pattern, for over 10 years I was the ‘go to’ girl, my family couldn’t function without me and I did it all.  After my last baby that was the last straw for this camel, I completely broke down.
Here are three ways you can begin to make that shift now in your life now. Let's get ready to change patterns and create more ease in your life.
  1. Time Mastery - How does a busy mom become a time master? By mastering her emotions, her boundaries, her schedules and her distractions. Time mastery is not really about mastering time at all, but about mastering the things you allow to fill your time. The biggest mistake many moms make is trying to manage time.
  2. Creating a Plan -  Creating a plan keeps you from living in what I call O.P.P. *Other People’s Priorities* When you have a clear map on what you want your day and life to look like you’re less likely to fall into the trap of getting caught up in needless drama and distractions. Having a clear plan based on how you want to feel and why keeps you focused and using your energy in a way that serves you.
  3. Applying Boundaries - This is often a toughie for moms. We’re great at setting boundaries but we aren’t so great at making sure those boundaries get followed. If you’re already stressed, all it takes is a rough day or a child asking you the same question over and over while passing out on the floor kicking and screaming that will make you break through any boundary. How does a mom keep her boundaries intact? By knowing how you want to feel and why you set the boundary in the first place. When you are clear about your boundary endgame, you make sure that the boundary is clear, that you are consistent in applying it and that you are compassionate when you need to redirect others to stay on track.
Having these three pieces in place even before you start thinking of spa days will help the spa days come faster. When you are clear on your feelings, your schedules, and your boundaries, you will find that life opens up to you and that you have time to do things that you never thought possible.

Share in the comments below which self-care foundation you are going to get started with first. If you need some extra support and are ready to learn more, join the Supermoms Guide to Self-Care Facebook Community.  There you will find a growing community of moms like you that are working toward packing away the excuses and creating ways to take time for them.
Join the Supermoms Guide to Self-Care Facebook Community today!
I'll see you there!
Until next time

Peace Love + Recovery