Aug 22, 2017

Mannheim Steamroller is Coming to the Fox Theatre 12/16/17: Discount Ticket Info

Show Information

“Chip Davis, founder and creator of Mannheim Steamroller and the industry’s largest independent record label, American Gramaphone, announced that his annual Christmas concert tour will begin on November 13, 2017. The ensemble will perform at the Fox Theatre on Saturday, December 16 as part of the Fifth Third Bank Fox Theatre Series. 

Grammy Award® winner Davis will direct and co-produce Tour performances with MagicSpace Entertainment.  The show features classic Christmas hits from Mannheim Steamroller and multimedia effects in an intimate setting. 

In addition to being a holiday tradition for many families, the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Tour regularly attracts repeat attendance from multi-generational guests. and is one of the longest running tours in the music industry.”

Show Info:

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Ticket Prices:

Ticket Prices:

Metro Detroit Mommy Prices: $90.00|$50.00|$41.00|$27.50
 Box Office Prices:                            $90.00 |$58.00 |$45.00|$30.00

How To Purchase Tickets:

You can purchase tickets by phone at 313-471-3095 and mention Metro Detroit Mommy, or you can purchase tickets online at use the Promo code: MOMMYIf you having trouble using Internet Explorer, please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Questions can also be directed to Ashley via email

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Announcing the Newest American Girl Doll: Nanea Mitchell - Sponsored Post {giveaway ends 8/27}

The new American Girl Store opened opened last year on the Nordstrom wing of the Twelve Oaks Mall on the second floor was slated to be only a temporary store however it remains open for metro Detroit American Girl fans.  The store is currently occupying a 6000 square foot location. It is a smaller location than the flagship stores in Chicago and New York, but offers the highlights of the brand including Truly Me™, Girl of the Year™, Bitty Baby™, and the classic historical character line BeForever™. The store is more than just an introduction to American Girl, it is a fully functioning store with their newest product launches including Wellie Wishes, a new line of dolls focusing on friendship and empowerment.

Read all about the store location here:

The newest American Girl Doll, Nanea Mitchell is now available at the Novi location.  Nanea is half Hawaiian and half white and lives in Hawaii, making her the second Polynesian doll from American Girl. Her full name is Alice Nanea Mitchell. She is featured in three books from American Girl, Growing Up with Aloha, Hula for the Home Front, and Prints in the Sand (you choose the ending).

To learn more about American Girl or request a free catalog, call 1-800-845-0005 or visit, or

Metro Detroit Mommy and one lucky fan will receive a Nanea Mitchell American Girl Doll.  
Enter below for your chance to win:

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Aug 21, 2017

Detroit Outpost Kayaking

 Kayak Detroit with tours by the Detroit Outpost! It's amazing!

The other day my friend invited me to go kayaking in Detroit with her.  I'm a huge fan of the city so of course, I said "yes" but I have to be honest, I was a little confused on the thought of kayaking in Detroit.  The currents of Detroit river made me nervous and I couldn't vision where we would kayak. Thank God I am a "yes" girl because I had an experience that far surpassed my expectations of kayaking.

Before kayaking with Detroit Outpost, I had only been in a kayak once or twice. Sadly, I barely remember those experiences. But something about the energy, the beautiful waters, the guides, the company, and the far away feeling I had from the city...this tour will not be forgotten! It was hands down the best ever!

Are you looking for something different to do?  Or maybe you just want to get away for the day?  Detroit Outpost is the perfect staycation.  Missy, the owner, offers different tours.  You can choose to kayak during the early morning or pick a sunset adventure.  It is sure to be a fun time!

Where do you kayak?  We'd love to know about your experiences kayaking.  Best of all, have you kayaked with the Detroit Outpost?  If so, tell us all about it!

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Aug 20, 2017

What was I Just Saying? Focusing in the Midst of Distractions

Chances are you’ll be able to read this entire post because I’ve kept it under 500 words and written it as a listicle. If you get called away to stop a potential disaster, you can jump back in at the next bullet point.

I know my audience. We are distracted, pulled in many directions, and looking for tips we can apply immediately to our lives. We are tired--so very tired--and feeling guilty. We’ll delve into more of those common denominators later, but let’s start with distracted.

It can be a battle to accomplish multi-step tasks or those requiring higher level thinking. Whether working outside of the home or within, the struggle to focus on a task or follow a thought to completion is real. When there are a minimum of eight thoughts flying around your head at any given time, how do you determine that which is most important and furthermore complete the task you’ve deemed vital?

Game Plan

Take a few minutes to write out what you would like to accomplish the next day to bring order to the chaos. You may have a wish list of things you need to get done this week, but from that list, identify the things you need to do the following day. Creating this manageable to-do list the night before will help you to visualize when and how those tasks fit into your day.

Carving Out Hot Times in Hot Places

Think about productivity like a stove. If you try to boil water over low heat on a small burner, it will take much longer than using a large burner with high heat. Identify the times and places that you are most productive and try to complete tasks that require more focus during these times. I write in my office in the mornings when the coffee is still coursing through my veins. Sitting on the couch in the evening with the TV on is not where I am most productive.

Internal Distraction

Limit the internal dialogue in your mind. If you’re writing your to-do list and you remember you need to buy groceries and finalize your weekly sales meeting agenda, write these down and then circle back later to make your grocery list and look over the agenda. Following the tangents that occur from intentional thoughts can lead to being easily sidetracked and not fully fleshing out your ideas. If you’re worried about forgetting, make a quick note, but don’t devote mental energy to the things that pop up.

Single Tasking

Focus on one task. You might have a difficult time imagining what this even looks like. If you are sitting down to write an email, write the email. Don’t bounce back and forth between your inbox and text messages and your web browser. You might be surprised to find that doing one thing at a time and then moving onto the next task is surprisingly efficient.

Put On Your Blinders

What about when you are going to hang up your coat and see the magazines that need to be recycled, the shoes that need to be put by the door, and the empty cup that goes in the dishwasher? Put away your coat and then circle back. Don’t let the distractions keep you from what you initially set out to do. Having your to-do list can help keep you focused on what you’ve identified as actually being important, but it’s up to you to keep those goals in sight.

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Aug 19, 2017

Harrison Township Waterfront Park

The Harrison Township Waterfront Park located on Jefferson, between 14 and 15 Mile Roads holds a special place in my heart. My parents, sister and I frequented the park in the early 90's when it first opened. It's just as beautiful today as it was then, although they've made some impressive updates.

Stationed in the middle of the park is a children's wood chip covered playground with swings, metal climbing dome and two playscapes. My two year olds needed quite a bit of assistance with the largest of the two structures but were able to navigate the smaller one with no issues. There is a sign welcoming visitors and warning that the play equipment was designed for ages 5-12 and that adult supervision may be required.

The park also features a sandy volleyball area, a basketball net and half court, several grassy horseshoe pits, public restrooms, and an impressive hexagon shaped pavilion with plenty of seating. Just outside the shelter is a large charcoal grill, perfect for parties and special events. Rental information can be found here:

There are shaded and unshaded picnic tables, stationary grills, small flower gardens and well placed benches throughout the park, in addition to a lot of open grassy area. There's plenty of parking, free admission and proof of residency is not required.

The view of Lake St. Clair that the railed board walk provides is by far my favorite part of this park. Although not ideal for small children, it's perfect for fishing, duck feeding or a relaxing stroll. Being that the park is neatly nestled between two luxury condominium complexes and doesn't have a large sign on Jefferson, it's easy to pass up. But that's also why residents refer to the Waterfront Park as a hidden gem of Harrison Township.

Aug 18, 2017

The Painted Pot in Downtown Rochester

Feeling creative? Have kids that like to create? Want a keepsake?

The place to go is The Painted Pot in downtown Rochester, Michigan. The Painted Pot is a ceramic studio where you can paint or create pottery. Our family visited the " Paint it" portion of the studio and had a great time! 

First, check-in to the counter and let them know you are there to paint. Then decide on your family budget. They have shelves of white unfinished 'ready to paint' ceramic pieces from around 8$ (a small flat ornament) to 40$ (a large ceramic ornamental piece). My kids had a budget of a 10-14$ piece and they had many options to choose from! Select your piece and then find a location at the many appealing work tables.
This is just a sampling of the many shelves of ceramic choices!

Next, a staff member will assist you in the 'picking paint' process. They have a separate room dedicated to paint choices. There is a vast selection that is organized by number and color. All the available colors are posted on a wall so you can see what the final color looks like. Colors range from standard shades to glitter & speckled paints. You can choose as many colors as you like and simply put them in a provided painting tray and take back to your location at a work table. On the work table all other supplies (brushes of various sizes & water) are available. Puffy paint, stencils, and other options are available.

The paints we selected to use!
Last, paint!! Painting has an hourly fee (7$ an hour per painter that is prorated by 15 minutes). A staff member will write down your ceramic pieces and start time. The start time generously begins once you start painting and doesn't include your time for selecting your piece or explanations from staff. When you are done painting, take your piece to the front desk. They will tell you the total fee (ceramic piece+ paint time) and let you know when you can pick up your final piece after firing/glazing. Pick-up time may vary but we were told it is usually one week later. 
Painting our ceramic piece!

A few things to note:

*The paint is lighter in color when painted on the pieces than it will look after it fired! More layers of the same color will darken the color.

* If you have questions-ask! The staff was wonderful on making suggestions, offering advice, and pointing our tips for using certain brushes or recreating a look you may see in the studio.

*Smocks are available! Painters smocks are available to wear to protect your clothes.

*Blank ceramic pieces change frequently. If you see a piece you want to paint, choose it while your there!

* All glazes are food safe! They are non toxic, dishwasher & microwave safe. Though hand washing is suggested for large pieces.

* No reservations are required! Simply check The Painted Pot Website for when they are open.

* The Painted Pot often runs special events for kids and adults! Check the website calendar or Facebook page frequently for updates.

* They offer group rates, birthday parties, corporate parties and classes. There is a whole separate 'party' room for larger groups available.

The 'Party" or large group room.

*There is a restroom available for customer use. It was clean and spacious.

* We saw painters of all ages! Parents had babies and were doing footprint keepsakes, groups of kids, and adults! Though maneuvering a stroller in the store may be tricky due to the low shelves and doorways, the building it is in was a home converted to a business and has a lot of rooms/doorways.

The Painted Pot also offers make your own ceramics, mosaics, decorated garden rocks, and other activities we did not participate in.  We hope to return and try a different experience next visit.

Our family had a wonderful time at The Painted Pot. We really enjoyed our time there. The atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming.  All the staff we interacted with were very friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. It was a great way to spend an afternoon getting crafty!

Our final ceramic pieces! Glazed and fired to painted perfection.

The Illusionists present Adam Trent at the Fox Theatre: Discount Ticket Info and Giveaway {ends 9/8/17}

Show Information

“Broadway/TV star Adam Trent is bringing his signature brand of magic and illusion to the Fox Theatre in a 90-minute stage spectacle on Thursday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m.; part of the Fifth Third Bank Fox Theatre Series. Produced by the creative team behind The Illusionists, the world’s best-selling touring magic show, The Illusionists Presents Adam Trent( is an immersive entertainment extravaganza of magic, comedy and music designed to entertain the entire family. Showcasing his “futuristic” brand of magic, Trent has mesmerized live audiences around the globe, in person and as a featured guest on America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, Ellen, the Travel Channel and Disney Channel among countless other TV appearances. The 31-year-old also stars in his own recently launched 10-episode TV series The Road Trick on Red Bull TV.

Trent inaugurated the first 2 years of The Illusionists’ record breaking Broadway runs, which served as a launching pad for his own live show and tour. “I am so excited to hit the road and bring an entirely new show to audiences around the world,” says Trent, who has always thought that magic should be entertaining first and tricky second. He doesn’t want people to remember “tricks” as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance. “This will be a show like you’ve never seen.”

Show Info:

Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 7:30p

Ticket Prices:

Metro Detroit Mommy Prices: $70.00|$50.00|$41.00|$27.50
Box Office Prices:                              $70.00|$55.00|$45.00|$30.00

How To Purchase Tickets:

You can purchase tickets by phone at 313-471-3095 and mention Metro Detroit Mommy, or you can purchase tickets online at use the Promo code: MOMMYIf you having trouble using Internet Explorer, please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Questions can also be directed to Ashley via email

Giveaway Info: 

One lucky winner will receive four tickets to The Illusionists at the Fox Theatre, Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 7:30pm.  Use the form below to enter for your chance to win. 

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