Nov 26, 2010

Laser Quest

Damian's 15th birthday was this month.  We recently celebrated his birthday a couple of weekends ago at Laser Quest in Madison Heights.  He invited a few of his friends to play a couple of games.

The reservation process was easy and pleasant.  I called and spoke to one of the employees who took down my information.  I was sent an email regarding the reservation that included all the information that I needed.

My husband took Damian to meet his friends while I dropped off Rosa to Grandma's house.  When I arrived our group was already playing their first game.  After a few minutes a few children started to sprinkle out of the play area and into the lobby.  We waited with anticipation for the results.  Score cards were delivered and one of the employees led us in a  fun game.  We were instructed to place one hand palm face up and our other hand thumb down in the palm of our neighbor, so each player had their thumb over another's palm.  The leader then told us when she said "alright" we were to grab the thumb of our neighbor, if your thumb was grabbed you were out.  I managed to make it to the last round, just me and an eight year old.  I let the eight year old win:)

We then began to get ready for the next game.  We were called to pick out our names and get our key.  The group then entered a chamber where we took the players pledge and heard about the rules.  The next step was putting on our gear, this is where the excitement hits you.  Into the play arena we went.

The game play is a lot of fun.  Basically it a maze of walls, mirrors, holes and grates that you need to navigate to shoot other players.  There were two levels in the large play area.  You are given a laser gun and a vest.  There are many scoring areas on each person, front, back, shoulders and on the gun.  I set off and was shot within a few seconds of the game starting.  I found it to be rather difficult to shoot others, but I found myself being shot often.  Well, I'm not the shooting game kind of gal.  I like thinking games.  The game lasted about twenty minutes.  We got our score cards and brought our food to our party room.

What I liked:

  • The play area was large and complicated.
  • The equipment was clean and comfortable.
  • The staff was friendly and helpful.
  • We were provided with an area to eat our lunch.
What I didn't like:
  • At $8 per game, it is a little pricey.
  • It was really hot in the play area.
  • Our party room was upstairs. 

I would recommend Laser Quest for children over the age of five since the equipment only comes in one size. My husband and I are bigger people and the vest fit both of us quite comfortably.  Make sure you dress comfortably and are ready for a work out!

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:


  1. Hi Amber! Just read one of your other posts about other places you want to visit. You have to take Rosa to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor. It's so nice. Lots of things for little ones to do. I think it was about $9 for admission for adults. Zoe was free. I think everyone under 2 is free. They have an entire room upstairs that is just for children 4 and under. I took her there when she was 11 months old and again at 13 months and she had so much fun both times.

  2. Thanks Wendy, I will add it to my to do list:)