Jul 6, 2011

Metro Beach Squirt Zone Play Ground

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We spent Rosa's second birthday at Metro Beach's Squirt Zone Play Ground. The kids had so much fun.  We arrived at about 10:30 a.m. and even though the sign said the squirt zone didn't open until 11:00, there were already a few children enjoying the water.

There is plenty of room for parents to sit and watch the kiddo's as they splash and play.  There are even a couple of shaded areas under big blue tarps.

The squirt zone is packed with a ton of water jets, spread out over colorfully decorated cushioned floor.  The play ground provides children (and adults) with plenty of opportunities to cool off on a hot day with a wide variety of water features to allow for children of all ages the ability to feel comfortable splashing around.

Rosa and Evan had a blast running through, splashing, kicking and going under the various water features and were completely worn out after only 90 minutes.

We headed back to the car (which is a bit of a walk) and I regretted that I hadn't brought the wagon, as they both wanted to be carried.

Overall a fun time at the Squirt Zone, I look forward to going back again soon!!!

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