Aug 2, 2011

Lango @ Boogie Babies

We decided to drop by Boogie Babies in Rochester today and checked out the Lango Spanish demonstration class they were offering.

There were about five employees present who all had big smiles and were very friendly.

The demo started with a brief introduction of the program and what we can expect to happen at the classes.  After the intro the instructor began with a fun song that encouraged the children to sing back the Spanish phrases in unison.

During the demo, the children got up and danced, sang, repeated key phrases and played games.  The instructor was fantastic.  She was very energetic and easy to understand even though the class was completely in Spanish. She covered greetings, parts of the body, colors, feelings and more.

Rosa and Evan had a good time in the class and picked up a couple of the words.  Evan enjoyed making faces during the feelings section and Rosa had fun dancing.  Both children participated at a minimal level even though it was their first class.  We look forward to returning  for the regularly scheduled classes and hope you will join us. Please check out the Lango Schedule for class times and locations.

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