Aug 30, 2011

My Urban Toddler - Saline

Guest Blogger: Love2Bake

My Urban Toddler is located on Michigan Ave. in Saline. It consists of a boutique and play area.  Every item in the boutique is selected by the owners of the store to ensure the “best of the best” is available to new moms. Deciding what baby equipment to use can be an overwhelming process for many new mom to be’s, and Urban Toddler eases that process. They also offer stylish maternity and baby attire.

My sons (ages 7 & 4) and I were greeted within seconds of walking into the store and were given a brief overview of the layout. The boys were ready to play so we took off our shoes and headed in.  There are several different sections located in the play area: Infant Park, Fine Arts, Library, Marketplace, Theatre, Fire House, and a play kitchen.  As you enter the play area there is a beautiful aquarium with some color fish swimming around.

The Infant Park is dedicated to infants. If there are no babies playing in there, the older kids can use that area.  There are lots of bright, colorful toys to help the little ones develop motor skills and hand/eye coordination, and plenty of space to crawl around and get some energy out.

The Fine Arts section had a huge chalkboard that kids could write on.

My kids loved playing in the Marketplace the most. There was lots of play food, small grocery carts & hand baskets. They would take turns filling up the shopping cart while the other was the cashier.   After “shopping” we went across the “street” to cook up some food in the kitchen.  The kitchenette was adorable and the kids had fun pretending to cook a meal and bake brownies.

The Theatre area had several dress up costumes, a doll house, a castle and a miniature theatre. There was also kid friendly music playing.

Next up was the Fire House. There were a few firemen outfits up a small flight of stairs, and on the main floor a large wooden fire truck.  Also up the stairs was a work bench with tools.

Our last place in the town we visited was the library. Lots of board books and large puzzles were available, as well as two comfortable kid-sized chairs.

Urban Toddler was extremely clean. A staff member was cleaning just about the entire time we were there. Also throughout were hand sanitizer stations and buckets to place toys that may have been placed in your child’s mouth.  They offer organic juices & milk, healthy snacks (applesauce, etc.), fresh baked goods, and different hot meal options at lunch time.  Coffee and water are also available.  Urban Toddler also offers various “camps” throughout the summer and fall.  Camps are in the morning, Monday through Thursday.

My kids had a great time at Urban Toddler, but in general, it is geared more to the 5 and under age group.

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