Nov 10, 2011

1000 Fan Giveaway - The Results

First let me say thank you to all the vendors who donated their items to our fantastic giveaway.  I appreciate it immensely.  Thank you to our fans and everyone who entered the contest.

I spent over an hour on the winners.  Then I had to go back and pick a few new winners because the ones I had picked were not fans of the Facebook pages of the vendor that they were scheduled to win from.  I'm sorry that I made it so difficult.  I wanted people to win something they wanted rather than something they would never use.  It seems that some people dropped by Facebook and liked the images but didn't actually enter the contest, while others entered the contest and didn't like any of the images (even though this was a mandatory entry).  This is where most of the difficulty came.  In order to win you had to ENTER and LIKE the images on our FB page.

This is how I selected the winners:

  • First I eliminated all of the invalid entries.  Some were double mandatory entries.  Like the same person "read our rules" twice.  Some were dishonest, saying they "liked" pages they did not.  
  • I had Rafflecopter select the first name and went to the photo gallery and looked at the likes for the first image.  If that person liked  the first prize they got it, if not I went to the second prize, and continued to look until I found a prize they "liked". 
  • If I could, I verified that they were a fan of the vendor they won from.  
  • I drew another name and began the process again.  
  • So, if you only liked one image and I pulled your name, you might not have won anything if that prize was already taken.  
  • There are many people who won multiple prizes - yes!  Some people had more than 30 entries, some only entered three or four.  The person with 30 entries is eight to ten times more likely to be chosen for a prize compared to the person with just three or four.  Each prize has its own drawing, so when I pull the winner if they had 30 entries their other 29 are still left to win the other prizes.  

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