Aug 7, 2014

Walking With Dinosaurs - recap and #discount

Guest Blogger: Amber M.
I had the pleasure of seeing Walking with Dinosaurs at the Palace of Auburn Hills on opening night. This show was spectacular and definitely worth the money that they are asking for on the tickets. Everything from the lighting to the scenery and even the dinosaurs was brilliant. This is a must see show for all ages. I didn't think before going into the show that my 2 children (7 & 4 years of age) would be that into the show but they were. 
The history behind how dinosaurs came about and the travel through time with the dinosaurs is something to definitely learn about. One particular thing I learned that I didn't know about dinosaurs, is that some of the dinosaurs traveled in packs and if a predator or another type of dinosaur came around, they would go against them to fight them off. At the very ending of the show, they stated dinosaurs still continue to live on even in this day an age through the birds. They stated birds are just the new dinosaur and are made from dinosaurs. 

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