Sep 23, 2014

SEA LIFE Groundbreaking at Great Lakes Crossing @sealifemichigan

Presentations by:

· Nina Groll, Kid Reporter
· Hayley Townsend, General Manager, SEA LIFE Michigan
· L. Brooks Patterson, County Executive, Oakland County
· Steve Berlow, General Manager, Great Lakes Crossing Outlets—The Taubman Company
· Kevin McDaniel, Mayor of Auburn Hills
· Thomas A. Tanghe, Auburn Hills Acting City Manager
· Leslie Hornung, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
· Bill Bohde, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

SEA LIFE is the world’s largest aquarium brand, with more than 40 attractions worldwide. They are focused on offering amazing, breathtaking and educational experiences that wow their guests and inspire them to take an active role in conversation so these amazing creatures and their environments are preserved for generations to come.

We were so honored to be able to attend the groundbreaking ceremony today at Great Lakes Crossings. Here is my cousin, Nina, who is the official Kid Reporter for SEA LIFE Michigan. Look for her in upcoming commercials for SEA LIFE.

The speeches were great, well what I heard of them between, "Mommy can I...?" and "I want.." and me saying "Sit down" "Don't kick the man in front of us" {sorry, really} & "Shhh" but the basic gist of the presentation was that this is going to be great, and it will bring business to Oakland County.  By the way, THIS IS HUGE!  SEA LIFE is going to be such a great fun learning experience for our children {and us} right here in our back yard.  People will travel from Canada, Ohio or further, and we are so lucky to have this Mega-Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing.

Aren't the shovels awesome!!

So, after the presentation they did the groundbreaking in the sandbox and let the children participate.  Here is my pouty Rosa all the way to the left.  She wanted to, and didn't all in the same breath.  

And then, the best part, they got to play in the sandbox....

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  1. My youngest son is obsessed with all things sea. He's been asking when this place is going to open. I can't wait to take him there!

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