Oct 17, 2014

Family Friendly Frightful Fun at @TheHenryFord Greenfield Village

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Jennifer Wooley Any Age Fitness

Disclaimer: Jennifer and her family received free admission to this event in exchange for this promotional post.  She was not obliged to post a positive review.  Her opinions are her own, your experience may differ.

On Oct. 10-12, 17-19 and 24-26 Hallowe’en takes over Greenfield Village. This is a family event, so creative or creepy characters of all ages are welcome to join. Since this event has become a holiday staple for many Michigan families, they might have experienced it before, but never like this. This year, there will be more pumpkins, new costumes, and many twists along the way.

 Upon entering Greenfield Village's jack-o-lantern lined streets, it is apparent that this is not your typical Halloween celebration.  From spooky (yet, kid friendly) haunted homes to delicious treats for the kids, Halloween at Greenfield Village is spectacle to enjoy.

The village streets are lit through the luminance of pumpkins, each individually carved and spaced evenly to light the way for festive, costumed-clad kids of all ages.  The mile-long line of pumpkins winds throughout the village, skillfully directing traffic toward the main attractions.  
The first stop is near the old farm house located just outside the entry gate where the Grim Reaper greets guests beside a raging bonfire.  Although ominous, the Reaper is staged far enough away from the walkway that he is non-threatening to the kids.

Following the road, the next major stop is near the Edison home where a "mad scientist" conducts his "experiments" in a "haunted home."  Again, the Village does an excellent job of spooking up the joint, but pulling back enough (through the use of entertaining and hilarious Vaudevillian actors) to keep the kids interested, but not freak them out.

Next up is the "haunted bridge" which is actually Greenfield Village's famed covered span.  Of all the attractions, this one seemed to put the most fright into my youngest children, 7 and 3.  Although both made it through, the bridge's fog machine and bright under lighting were enough to make them uneasy.  For parents who think their child might not be up for this crossing, there is a bypass located to the left of the bridge that conveniently ends at a concession stand which offers cider and donuts for sale.

After making it over the bridge, visitors are directed over the hill and into the Walnut Grove where normally games of old-fashioned baseball are played.  However, for Halloween at Greenfield Village, the field doubles as a haunted Civil War battle site.  Across the street from the Grove, a quartet of projected pumpkins serenade you.  Continuing on, you are led past a port where a pirate and a spunky lassie tell dead men's tales.

The Haunted Cemetery and Martha-Mary Chapel await atop the hillside beyond Walnut Grove, near the village green,  Inside the chapel, a surprise attendee will pop up in the pews every once in a while.  Again, the little ones might get caught off guard here, so a peek inside before the scare might suffice.

Finally, the trail begins to wind down through the forest where Little Red Riding Hood warns of a possible wolf sighting.  In the pond near the glass-blowing houses, a man in a row boat then proceeds to announce the presence of the Village's culmination- the Ride of the Headless Horseman.  In the open field of Firestone Farms, the Headless Horseman (in pursuit of Ichabod Crane) makes a number of up close appearances providing plenty of photo ops for visitors.

In short, Halloween at Greenfield Village is the perfect and affordable way for a family to enjoy the crisp autumn air of one of Michigan's true gems.  Along with the attractions, parents and kids alike are offered to indulge at stands specifically set up to honor the tradition of "trick or teats."  

This is no trick; Halloween at Greenfield Village is a treat.

For more information visit the website.  http://www.thehenryford.org/events/halloweenEvent.aspx

Time slots are every 1/2 hour 6:30pm-9pm Fridays & Saturdays. Sundays 6:30pm - 8pm
Tickets rain or shine. Complete program presented in all weather conditions!
Download coupon for $2 off admission on select nights.

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