Oct 6, 2014

Getting Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond Inclusion and LRE -free workshop in St. Clair County

You are invited to a free workshop in St. Clair County:

Getting Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond
Inclusion and LRE
with Kelly Orginski
October 22, 2014
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
(sign-in opens at 12:30 pm)
Blue Water Community Action
(Community Action Agency)
302 Michigan Street, Port Huron, Michigan

If your child, or a child you support, is going to be entering Kindergarten in the next couple of years, please consider attending this free training. You will learn what LRE is, how children can learn best from experiences with typically developing peers, and how to plan for his or her educational environment.
      Learning objectives:
          >  How can I best include my child's strengths and needs in the IEP?
          >  How do I build a communication plan with my child's teacher?
          >  What kinds of supports and services are possible in kindergarten?

The flyer is available at  http://www.michiganallianceforfamilies.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Kindergarten-LRE-2014-10-22-Port-Huron-1.pdf

Please register ASAP with Jill at 810.989.9144 # 3, jill@michiganallianceforfamilies.org or online at www.michiganallianceforfamilies.org/rsvp  

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