Oct 1, 2014

Organic Apples: Country Mill Orchard

It's not easy to find affordable organic apples anywhere in Metro Detroit, but especially not U-Pick.  My best girls and I decided to pack up our kids and make a day trip out of it by carpooling to Charlotte, MI (near Lansing) to visit Country Mill Orchard.  This is a beautiful orchard, packed with delicious apples and beautiful scenery.  There is a fun playground, fresh organic cider and fun attractions like a Thomas the Train look-alike hay ride.  We had a blast going there today, and I brought home nearly 30 pounds of apples for.... are you ready for this??  $39.  That breaks down to a little more than a dollar per pound.

When you arrive at the orchard, you check in and purchase a reusable bag for $13.  You go out into the orchard, pick any variety of available apples and fill your bag.  The price does not change based on how much you pick - which will be a lot if you fill your bag up.

You might wonder what I am going to do with all of those apples... and aside from sharing a few with family & friends - I have some plans for them.  You can view those here.

Where to find organic orchards is a common question we get asked here at Metro Detroit Mommy!  This one is definitely worth the trip.

Be sure to call ahead to make sure that they are offering an organic variety that you are interested in before you go pick.  They are not all ready at the same time.  Lots of great info is also available here on their website: www.countrymill.com

We would love to hear about your experience if you go check them out!

Robin Slawnyk
Metro Detroit Mommy

Robin is a busy Wife and Mom of 4 and owner of CrunchyGoddess.com . She considers herself a stay-at-home Mom even though she is a Photographer and Holistic Practitioner working in her community. Robin homeschools her children and leads a very natural and organic lifestyle. You might consider her the "crunchy" one of the group, as her focus will be on the natural products and services available to us and like-minded families. 

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