Nov 1, 2014

10K Facebook Fan Celebration - Sponsor Sign Up

Metro Detroit Mommy

10K Facebook Fan 

Celebration Sign-up

Metro Detroit Mommy proudly announces our 10k Facebook Fan celebration. This giveaway will tentatively run from November 20th to December 5th.. We will be offering a PayPal cash prize to one lucky fan (amount TBD). The giveaway will be geared toward residents of Michigan.

What is included:
  • Basic Cash Sponsor ($10) - 
  • a link to your site from the 10k Giveaway Page 
  • a Social Media Follow  (Twitter, Pinterest, or a Facebook Visit) as an optional giveaway entry
    Please note that due to the new Policy to take place on Nov 5th, we cannot require a Facbook Follow in exchange for an entry.  Instead, we will ask our fans to visit your Facebook Page.  
  • add another Social Media Follow/Visit for $2
Some of you have been asking about the entries... here is a sample of what it will look like: 
You will need to enter a name and email, neither need to be valid, then click begin. 

Giveaway Guidelines
  • The giveaway will be open to Michigan Residents.  Sponsors/bloggers and their friends, family and fans are encouraged to enter.  
  • While I cannot prevent people outside of Michigan from entering, I will do my best to ensure the winner is from Michigan and we will be promoting this as a giveaway for our Metro Detroit fans. 
  • All payments are due after you submit your form via PayPal. I will send you an invoice, usually within 24 hours.  
  • Refer small business owners to become a sponsor and earn $2 for each paid sponsorship. Paid on November 15th via PayPal gift. The person you refer must use your name, company or blog to identify you as their referrer on our form.  You must be a participating sponsor or blogger to earn referral cash.  
  • Have a question, let me know,

We will also have an opportunity for Bloggers to participate in the giveaway. Sign up to become a blogger supporter here!

Giveaway Sponsors

Robin Slawnyk Photography

Helping Hands House Cleaning

Mello & Co

Betsy's Photography

Momcat's Signing Academy
MomcatSigning - Twitter
momcatkelly - Pinterest

pArt of Life Photography
partoflifephoto - Pinterest

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