Dec 3, 2015

A Michigan Mom's Saving Grace: (Drum Roll Please.......) Green Glove Dryer

Disclosure: Robin received a free Green Glove Dryer in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions expressed are genuine and her own.  Your experience may differ. 

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Robin Slawnyk

Have you ever seen those lists that say "You might be from Michigan if...."?

Well, I have a new addition to the list.

If you own and love one of these babies, like I do... you might be from Michigan.  Fun fact, the genius who created it is from Michigan too!

So we all know the dreaded Michigan Mitten Syndrome - the snow gets caked onto it and they take forever to dry, or you find them clumped into a frozen ball in your kiddos coat pocket.  Well, not anymore!

We have been slow to get snow this year but now that it's here, it's really here!  As soon as it started falling my kids were begging to go out.  So, we dressed up in our apocalypse suits and headed out. Once we came in, I took the 30 seconds it takes to assemble the Green Glove Dryer and set it on our heater vent.  The kids had fun putting their gloves on there and then I timed it.  Wet to dry: 18 minutes.  No kidding.  So, once you attach the extension pieces, the heat flows up them and through the little holes and dries your gloves (or hats!) from the inside out.  Being a Mom of 4, I can tell you that my dryer is never empty so coming inside and throwing everything in there is not an option.  We used to just pile everything, and the gloves of course were likely to still be wet when it was time to wear them again.

And, of course I have to say that I love that drying these mittens doesn't use any extra electricity or gas usage than what is already running!

My favorite part of the Green Glove Dryer is not that is quickly dries your gloves, oddly enough.  My favorite part is that when we are getting ready to go outside in the frigid cold - their little hands are warm from the gloves (because I just leave them on there!).  I believe that this helps keep their core warm which is better for them overall.  Now I just need one of these in the form of a coat rack! :)

So, next time your sweet one comes up to you and asks you "Do you want to build a Snowman??" Don't hesitate to say yes!  You will have toasty warm mittens waiting for you.

(So, when our glove dryer isn't busy drying gloves, it's a Barbie Sauna and Dry Cleaner... why of course!)

Purchase your Green Glove Dryer here:
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Wishing you warm hands and hearts this winter and always!


Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Robin Slawnyk
Robin is a busy Wife and Mom of 4 and owner of . She considers herself a stay-at-home Mom even though she is a Photographer and Holistic Practitioner working in her community. Robin homeschools her children and leads a very natural and organic lifestyle. You might consider her the "crunchy" one of the group, as her focus will be on the natural products and services available to us and like-minded families. 

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