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Jan 19, 2015

A new home fashion statement, with purpose: The Stair Barrier #Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post 

I don't know about you guys, but the stairs in my home have generated quite a bit of anxiety.  We have lived in a home with stairs since I brought my first baby home from the hospital.  Once the babies started walking, I always had fear about them trying to climb up the stairs and falling down, or just outright falling down.  So, we did what most parents do and purchased baby gates.  The ugly, white baby gates that damaged the walls on both sides.  But, for the stairs, unless you have a podium at the bottom, those gates don't fit.  So, we did the baby gate ghetto style and bought the expandable kind and just let them hang out between the openings in the rails.

Well, my kids are old enough now to have open access to the stairs so we don't have the "ghetto-gate" up anymore - but we do have one hard-mounted at the top of the stairs just to prevent any trip and falls or sleepy attempts at walking downstairs. We used to hide our ghetto-gate when company came over but then we just spent our visiting time chasing kids up the steps.

I really wish I had known about this product when my littles' were little.  It would also be perfect for families with pets!  The solution to my above mentioned problems is this, The Stair Barrier.

This beautiful invention is not only a safety feature, but a fashion statement!  I would have the chevron up in a heartbeat!  There are other color options available here.

As you can see from the photo, the gate does not have to hard-mount to the wall which means no damage!  It also provides a solid barrier so you don't have to worry about your child or pet getting stuck between the bars.  Plus, I always thought baby gates looked like jail cells - especially when your little one is holding the bars with tears streaming down their faces.  

I really like that this product was designed and manufactured right here in the US.  The owner (a former resident of Metro Detroit) of the company takes pride in knowing that he sees and feels the fabric before selecting them as options for the gates. I also love that it was invented by a Mom, because let's face it.  We know best.  

I encourage you to check out the options they have available and see if there is a gate that you could benefit from in your home.  If not yet, keep checking back because it looks like they are adding new products soon.  There will be a wall-to-wall gate and hopefully one for half stair/half walls, too.

You can follow The Stair Barrier on these social media platforms: 

I'm excited to share this product with you!  We always like to keep you in the know for the coolest stuff around :) 

Enter below for a chance to WIN a Stair Barrier.  

Robin Slawnyk
Metro Detroit Mommy

Robin is a busy Wife and Mom of 4.  She considers herself a stay-at-home Mom even though she is a Photographer and Holistic Practitioner working in her community.  Robin homeschools her children and leads a very natural and organic lifestyle.  You might consider her the "crunchy" one of the group, as her  focus will be on the natural products and services available to us and like-minded families.  You can read more about her lifestyle on


  1. This is SO awesome - I have been on the lookout for something like this! I am thinking I will have a crawler very soon, so this will come in handy. My stairs are in the middle of our home, so I would love the khaki gate with welcome on it :)

  2. BB Basic Home for the wall to banister would be awesome!!!

  3. bb signature chevron super cute

  4. I would let my niece choose because it would be for her, but I like the BB SIGNATURE CHEVRON.

  5. I love the BB Signature Chevron.

  6. my favorite is the BB Signature Chevron design

  7. I like the BB Signature Chevron design with the Family personalization.

  8. I would get the BB Signature Chevron with the script text!

  9. I would get the BB Basic Pet.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  10. I would love the BB Signature Chevron!

  11. I love the style. I wish I had that when my girls were little.


  13. I like the BB SIGNATURE GRAY-Welcome

  14. I would choose the BB Basic Home Stair Barrier.


  15. If I won, I would pick the BB Signature Gray style.

  16. Might choose the BB BASIC HOME style