Jan 6, 2015

It's a KEEPer! My lovely KEEP Collective Bracelet. #giveaway

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Robin Slawnyk CrunchyGoddess.com

Disclosure: Robin received a free bracelet in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are purely her own.  She was not obliged to give a positive review.  Your experience may differ.  

Today, I received a little treasure in the mail.  A beautiful bracelet made just for me.  

I just recently learned of a company called KEEP Collective, and their product is bracelets and necklaces customized to you.  Below is a photograph of my beautiful bracelet, 

She asked me about myself, about my family, life and passions.
With my beautiful bracelet, she included this note: 

"I designed for you this double wrap (black and saddle reversible) leather KEEper with the "Live your Dream" Say Something Bar.  To me, that represents your Photography, Blogging and Organic Lifestyle.  Then, I chose to represent your family with the Double Interlocking Hearts for you and your Husband, S6 for Slawnyk Six (My Hubby and I plus our four children), birthstone bars for your childrens birth months, and our MOM key as the finishing touch".

As you can see, Thayer did an amazing job of incorporating my life into this precious keepsake.  I have been wearing it since it arrived in the mail this morning and already got a compliment from the cashier at the grocery store I visited this afternoon.  This bracelet is a unique and beautiful piece of me.  The 'Live Your Dream' bar will remind me that even when times are tough, as long as I have the S6 - I am living the dream.  Life is such a beautiful thing and this is such a beautiful way to hold dear memories close to you.  It's also a great conversation starter when you meet someone new, because you can explain to them what each key means and why it's special to you.

I challenge you to look beyond the traditional birth stone rings and standard "Mom" necklaces by checking out KEEP Collective and asking Thayer to help design a little piece of your soul.  

In addition to the bracelets, they offer necklaces as well.  I can't wait to get one - but for now, I am putting it on my Mother's Day wish list!

I can't wait to show off my new bracelet and would love to see yours, too.  Share photos and stories of yours here in the comments!

The link to the Design Guide is:

Their website is:

Thayer's Designer Facebook page is:

You can also contact Thayer via email thayergoodman@yahoo.com. Ladies who are social hostesses earn free and discounted product based on the sale amount at their party. 

If you would like to apply to be a Designer use the name, Thayer Gorges-Goodman, and Designer ID 200028865. 

As a special thank you one lucky MDM fan will receive $75 worth of Keep-Collective product of their choosing. The winner must be within a 50 mile radius from Rochester, MI. Use the widget below to enter.  

Warmest wishes to you,

Robin Slawnyk

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Robin Slawnyk CrunchyGoddess.com
Robin is a busy Wife and Mom of 4 and owner of CrunchyGoddess.com . She considers herself a stay-at-home Mom even though she is a Photographer and Holistic Practitioner working in her community. Robin homeschools her children and leads a very natural and organic lifestyle. You might consider her the "crunchy" one of the group, as her focus will be on the natural products and services available to us and like-minded families. 

Disclaimer: Robin received a free copy of this product in exchange for this promotional post. All opinions are her own, your experience may differ.  


  1. Those look really nice - I entered the contest as well. I live in Troy so that's within 50 miles of Rochester :).

  2. I just realized I'm too far away! SO cute though!

  3. Wow, love this. I also entered the giveaway. These are adorable!

  4. nice bracelets, nice designs! Love to have one of those! Will try to join this giveaway of yours.