May 29, 2015

Bike riding in style.... WeeHoo! #review and #discount

Disclaimer: WeeHoo offered me a discount on my trailer for providing this post to you.  All experiences, opinions and words are my own

WeeHoo Review:

So I have been looking for the perfect bike trailer for two years and my only regret with my newest one is that I didn't find it sooner!  I have been looking online for a review of WeeHoo products, and found there weren't many, so I decided to reach out to them so we could provide you with our own WeeHoo review.  Read on for my WeeHoo review and the questions you asked us - answered.  Plus, a coupon code for $100-$200 in savings depending on which model you choose.

Behold, the WeeHoo!  Though it comes in different styles, I chose the WeeHoo iGo 2.

This vibrant red contraption of awesome seats both of my little bundles of joy and attaches to my bike - allowing us for triple the fun on our bike rides together.  My kids are 3 and 4 and both have their own 16 inch bicycles, but we only use them for local rides around our home and I am usually on foot while they ride.  We have a tent trailer that we have been using since they were about a year old, but with them being 70 pounds combined, the tent trailer is now too hard to pull and not very enjoyable for them.  Their helmets clank together, they are smooshed into a small space and most of the wanna-be-enjoyable ride is spent where the two of them are calling out "Mooooooooooom, Isaac's touching me!  Moooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm, Bella's elbow is in my side", etc.  It's times like those that you have to make a choice - crank up the iPod so you can't hear them or get a new ride.

We chose a new ride.

So, the process has been awesome from start to finish.  I spoke with the company directly to place my order and received very friendly customer service from Jeff in the sales department.  I received the box just a few days after I ordered it and eagerly ripped it open to assemble.  It's a huge box, so maybe have some fresh baked cookies waiting for your UPS driver as a thank you! :)  It took me about 2 hours from start to finish to assemble the WeeHoo.  That's probably double the time it would take someone that actually knows what they are doing or how to read an instruction manual.  Un-like me, of course!  Hehe.   I ended up watching the videos they have on the website to help with assembly.  My Husband was out of town and he couldn't help, so I had to enlist the help of my dear 'ol dad to get the job done.  He agreed that for the size of the trailer, assembly was easy and you can tell that the product is well built.

Once it was put together, I could hardly wait to strap my little ones in and cruise around.  I mean, I literally had them in the seats within 30 minutes.  They loved it!

The first few minutes of riding were a little different - you have to learn the new weight and balance from having the trailer trailing behind.  I wasn't able to make tight turns and you have to learn to put both feet down at the same time when you bring the bike to a stop.  Braking time and speed of riding seemed pretty un-affected, and the trailer is pretty versatile as far as manuvering it and the terrain you can ride on.  We rode on city streets, a bike trail, grass and a dirt road.  The dirt road was the hardest ride, but mostly because of the speed.  We went really slow :)

When we told you, our lovely MDM fans, that this review was coming - here are the questions and concerns that you wanted addressed, please keep in  mind that they are specific to the iGo2 Model.

I'm worried about how heavy it will be and how I will fit it in my car! Does it fit on a bike mount like you use to carry bikes on your trunk? As far as weight, I wouldn't say that it's very heavy. I can lift and load it by myself with no trouble. I was able to fit it in the bicycle mount that I have on my car, but I do not feel that it would be safe for very long or bumpy drives. I have this style car mount, to give you an idea. It fit on the bars toward the back and we used an extra strap to make sure it was securely balanced. My bike was able to fit next to it with no problems. However, I am most likely going to get a roof rack since I have a small car and don't think the bike rack is the safest way to transport it. It does easily fit in my front seat as long a my Hubby is not coming along. My Dad has a pickup truck and it fit perfectly in the back of that of course, and my Husband drives a Suburban in which you can just slide it in the back. There are definately trasportation options.

What are the age limits for riders? I would say your child needs to be a strong independent sitter before they can ride in the weehoo. My daughter is 4 years old and weighs 41 pounds, and my son is 3 years old and weighs 33 pounds. They both fit perfectly and will ride in it until they are each 50 pounds.

Is it really heavy to pull? You can feel extra weight off the back but not as much as the tent trailers that most of us use. It is much easier to pull with two kids than one of those.

How do you load your kids on it? Does it tip over? WeeHoo suggests that you stand over the back tire and hold the bar between your legs to load your kids. This is the easiest way to do it if your kids are old enough to climb in and buckle themselves, which mine are. If you have younger kids, you will do one of two things - un-hitch it from the bike and load them while it's on the ground, then hook it to your bike - or, lean it up against a porch or your house to keep it sturdy while you load them. We have taken 6 rides in the WeeHoo where I have not had help to load, and 5 of those 6, the trailer has tipped while I was loading them. None of the times were the kids hurt but it makes it a lot easier if someone can help you load or hold the bike for you while you do it. Once you get the hang of it - you are good to go.

Is it worth the price? I feel that it is. It's durable, safe, and a lot of fun.

Do the kids get to pedal? YES! This is one of the coolest parts. In the single trailers and in the double, kids get to pedal! In the double, the front seat rider gets to pedal and the rear-rider has a platform foot rest with foot straps. Though they get to pedal, it's at their own leisure and speed because the pedals are not connected to the bike in any way.

Are kids safely secured into the seats? Yes. The seatbelts on the WeeHoo are stronger than the ones you would expect in a stroller. They are adjustable and childproof for un-latching. Not only are they safe in the seatbelts, but the seats are designed with strong bars encasing them. When my Dad was riding them, they fell over (he was trying to make a tight turn) and the kids bodies did not even touch the ground. The banana in the side pocket wasn't so lucky.... ;) There are also foot straps to secure the little ones' feet and the chain is completely encased, which I found very impressive. I find the WeeHoo to be extraordinarily safe.

Does it come in any other colors? You know what, I don't like red. I really don't. But I do like it on the WeeHoo. The bright red color makes it impossible to be missed while you are riding down the road and I would consider that an extra layer of safety. It does not come in different colors but it looks awesome anyway.

Does it come apart for storage? The easiest way to store and transport it, is to take off the tow bar that connects the trailer to your bike. It's quick and easy.

What if only one kid is riding? The seats are able to be removed and re-positioned, so you could easily remove a seat- or just let a seat ride empty.

Is there storage on the trailer itself?  Oh yeah! I am mega impressed with the storage capacity on this thing!  Here are the locations and what we loaded in them, to give you an idea.  There are large pockets behind the seats.  Behind the rear seat I was able to fit a 64 ounce Klean Kanteen filled with ice cold water for our ride.  Behind the front seat, I had the kids swim suits tucked in there, as well as a pair of flip flops for both of them.  In the side pockets they both had their water bottles and then in the side flaps that go over the tires I held my keys, cell phone, ENO hammock/tree straps and an iPod on one side and on the other I had 2 LunchBots lunch boxes, another bottle of water, an ice pack and a couple of lara bars.  You can basically load the trailer up with your kids and everything you need to be out on an adventure all day. All of the storage on this is really the icing on an already awesome cake.

With all of my heart, I recommend to you the WeeHoo! Let me know when you get one, we will plan a Metro Detroit WeeHoo Bike Excursion! Great Times!

WeeHoo is offering all of you lucky MDM Fans a free gift with your order, an all-weather cover which retails for $99! This sweet deal just got even sweeter! If you order an iGO-2, like I have here - they will send you TWO free weather covers. That's $200 off! Lucky you.... just use the code: "MDMWEEHOO".  

I don't get the free weather covers, but WeeHoo did offer me a discount on my trailer for providing this post to you.  All experiences, opinions and words are my own. 

Check out WeeHoo and all of the awesome trailers they have by clicking here:  They have single trailers, a double, ones with baskets, a buggy trailer and the new iGo Turbo... all starting at $399.


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