Jul 17, 2015

Metro Detroit Mommy goes GLAMping!

Camping in Michigan is one of the best features of this state!  Campers get to experience the beauty and wonder of all four seasons - and though camping once felt like a lost art, it is coming back and becoming on of the most popular past times spring through fall.  Families are beefing up their camping gear stashes quicker than ever and making wonderful memories out in nature.

Metro Detroit Mommy blogger, Robin Slawnyk, will be your tour guide through this wonderful and glamorous camping adventure.  I will help you find the best products, most beautiful places and share ideas for a camping adventure that your family will never forget.  Whether you haven't been camping since childhood or you're a regular in the parks - I will have ideas and inspiration just for you.

Be sure to sign up to receive our posts so you are notified as they publish!  Here is what you have to look forward to:

-Campground Directory
-Camping with the Littles
-Camping & Safety
-Product ideas & reviews
-Glamming up your camping space
-Romantic Camping Getaway for Two
-Camping events (girls weekend, birthday parties, etc)
-Cooking at the Campsite
& Much more.

Posts will publish in July & August.

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xo, Robin
Metro Detroit Mommy

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