Aug 7, 2015

GLAMping: The ENO - Living the hammock life!

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I cannot even tell you how much I love these......

I am a major fan of ENO Hammocks.  In fact, my Husband and I as well as all four of our kids (ages 3,4,8,11) all have our own Hammock.  My Husband and I both have the underquilt, bug net and rain fly for ours as well - so we can camp in them.  In addition to each of us having our own, we have the double deluxe as well - which can fit the whole family! (Sitting/swinging, not laying). 
My kids love their hammocks to be side-by-side or bunk-bed style where one is above the other.  

Everywhere we go, people want to know 'What are those?!'
Well, these my friends, are little balls of awesome.  They scrunch down into a little travel sack (stuff sack) that range in sizes from a softball to a grapefruit and have extendable tree straps so you can hang them from two nearby trees.  That's all you need and they are so easy and convenient to carry.

 These hammocks are made out of quick-dry and breathable nylon fabric in an assortment of color combos. They are durable and so much fun!  All of the hammocks have a 400lb weight limit.  I like to reference this comparison chart when I buy these for gifts and want to be sure I'm choosing the right one.  

I have one standard size backpack that I keep all 7 of our hammocks, 7 sets of tree straps, 2 bug nets and 2 rain fly's in!  ONE backpack!  Imagine that being the only gear you need when you go camping glamping with your family!  We use these for so much more than camping and we always have them in the car with us.

Super cool reasons to have an ENO:

-They are way better than the knockoff brands that don't have nearly the flexibility and rip easily
-Everyone around you thinks you're cooler than them ;)
-You dont get grass stains on your clothes or lay on twigs and rocks
-The breeze gives you a sweet sway
-They're so little when packed up you can take them anywhere
-They're so big when stretched out you can invite some friends to swing along
-They are VERY comfortable!
-Since they are so thin and breathable, they are enjoyable on even the hottest days!
-They dry quickly if your kids use them in wet swimwear
-They keep your kids entertained for hours!
-They are crazy affordable and very versatile  
-You can get creative with how you hang them and create clusters for your group to enjoy

You can buy these awesome-sauce hammocks online at
Sporting stores like REI and online at Amazon:
  SingleNest: good for one person, perfect for kids
 DoubleNest: perfect for one-two people
 Double Deluxe: Awesome for the whole family or extra-spacious for a couple.
 Rain Fly: A total necessity for camping!  Keep yourself dry
 Bug Net: Surround yourself with protection from the bug!  Great for camping
 Underquilt: to keep you warm when you're camping or using the hammock in cold temperatures
and don't forget the Tree Straps - which every hammock needs to be hung up.
Happy Shopping - but most importantly -- Happy Swinging!

Here are some photos of our hammock adventures!

 Daddy, Mommy & the Little Ones just hanging out :) 

Family hike and hammock break!  We hiked a nature trail and each pulled our hammocks out of our bags and set them up for a little lake-side rest! 
 Hubby and I shared the double deluxe instead of using our own. 

My sweet little girl loves her hammock so much she frequently asks us to hang it in her room!

These were the hit of our older daugthers' recent birthday party!  All of the kids want one now!

Hope you have SO MUCH FUN!

xoxo  Robin
Your GLAMping tour guide

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