Oct 25, 2015

Fall in love with these fall-time art projects!

Happy Fall!  It's a beautiful time of year and there is still time to do some art projects before the (dare I say the S word?) snow comes!

Here is a bucket list of 5 super-cute projects that you and your kids can do; have fun and that you can treasure for years to come!

                                          A Fall Leaf Wreath

You will need a paper plate and a collection of leaves from outside.  Have your child glue the leaves onto the paper plate after you hollow out the middle.  Sprinkle red and gold glitters all over the leaves for a beautiful touch.  You can preserve it by spraying with acrylic spray.
 A Fingerprint Tree

Draw a tree on a large white canvas with a sharpie or paint - or you can make it on a white piece of paper for framing later.  Choose a selection of fall colored paints and have everyone do thumb and finger prints all over the trees to resemble leaves.
A Thankful Turkey Box

Get a keepsake box and fill it with strips of paper and a pen or pencil.  Every day, make a point to write down something you are thankful for and/or ask your family members.  Do this Nov-1 through Thanksgiving Day and you can read them together over dinner for a special family experience.

 Mosaic Leaves

Find an assortment of large fallen leaves outside and cover them with dabs of multicolored paints.  Then, place the leaf on a piece of paper or a canvas to make the print.  Paper can be framed and hung for a beautiful piece of art.

The classic Handprint Turkey.

This is a total must-have!  Your parents probably have this exact thing done of your hand somewhere.  Color your childs hand and place it on paper, then decorate it like a turkey! It's fun to watch the turkey grow year after year.

Hope you're feeling inspired!  Happy Crafting!


Robin Slawnyk
Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger

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