Nov 11, 2015

Be the Master of Elf on the Shelf this year!

Fa la la la la la la la la............... 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

If you're like me, you have creative ideas bursting out of every seam in your body.  Further, because you are so creative you have about 1,000 unfinished projects and counting.  This will be my third year doing Elf on the Shelf for my kids and - by golly gee Christmas, it will be the best. I sourced the help from a few elves of my own......

So, bam - guess what?  On Saturday, Fed Ex dropped off a nice big box to my front porch.  And, guess what was inside?  A full month of December worth of daily Elf on the Shelf activities, pre-planned and bagged and ready to grab.  Everything I need is in the box! All I have to do is hide the box in my pantry and every night after the kids go to bed, grab the bag - set it up and wait for the total mommy win that will happen in the morning.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but I simply cannot wait for Dec 1 to be here so our Elf Buddy (I know, so original) can appear in this hot air balloon.....

In addition to this big box of awesome, my little Elf, Jana, has created a calendar to keep me on track.  I lack organization skills, among other things....

But anyway - I absolutely positively had to share this.  You can view Jana's Etsy Shop: Inviting Spaces by clicking HERE and check out the way-too-awesome-and-too-good-to-be-true Elf Kits that she has available.  BUT HURRY!  Your Elves are due to arrive on Dec 1, so you can order NO LATER than November 20.

Use promo code: METRODETROITMOMMY to save even more than the time and stress that you are already going to be saving!

(If you don't already have an Elf, you can adopt one at local bookstores or order from Amazon)

In the past there have been days where our dear Buddy 'forgot' to move - or simply returned to the same cozy place after his nightly flight to the North Pole.  Well, good news for Buddy and for me, it's not going to happen anymore!  I can not wait to actually make this a cool tradition for our family by having an entire month of days that begin with giggles and memories.  The kit even came with certificates that are personalized for my little ones! (Thanks, Jana!)

So - there you have it.  An exciting option for us busy moms, tired moms, moms who want to be creative but can't, those who are but still can't and for those that are super and will pull it off anyway. 
It's like a present to ourselves -a little bit of help through the holidays to bring an extra spark of magic into our homes.

I will be sharing pics of our Elf and his adventures; we do hope you do the same!

Buddy's Mommy and Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:

Robin Slawnyk is a Naturopath in Livingston County, MI that works with clients all over the country on physical and spiritual wellness. Robin is a homeschooling Mom of two living and loving in Metro Detroit.

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