Nov 5, 2015

Boycott Black Friday with MDM! Join us for an online shopping event beginning at 2am!

Take a pledge with Metro Detroit Mommy to discourage retailers from pulling retail workers in to stores beginning Thanksgiving night and through the early morning and long hours of the day after. 

Retail workers are often forced to choose between the holiday with family or getting enough sleep to get them through the shifts that sometimes begin on Thanksgiving Day to begin stocking and setting up. Then, they spend the next day working hard in large crowds.  

The solution doesn't have to involve not getting black friday deals;  but shopping from home instead.  

So, grab your coffee- snug in your PJs and meet us here at 2am to shop 'til we drop (back into bed). 

xox, Robin Slawnyk
Your Black Friday Hostess with Metro Detroit Mommy 

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