Nov 18, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide TOP PICK! Humorous Coffee Mugs!

Welcome to our 2015 holiday gift guide!

In our earlier post, I talked about how I am going to be choosing gifts from outside the walls of big-box stores and mass online retailers and seek out the unique and beautiful gifts offered elsewhere.

So, my Grandparents live in Arkansas and I don't get to see them for the holidays; sadly.  However- I can't forget about them so I always try to send them a sweet gift and this year I found the perfect one:

A way for them not to forget that I AM THE FAVORITE!

I chose this adorable mug and can't wait to gift it to them.  I found it in the Etsy shop J & A Wares.

John Eric and Ashlee met during college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. They quickly became best friends and a year later they were madly in love. After college, they moved to Washington, DC for a great job for John Eric. While in DC, Ashlee started teaching herself how to make jewelry during the evenings and weekends.  Their Etsy shop now offers jewelry and more!  Be sure to check it out! 

I hope this becomes their favorite mug and they use it every day!

Because it's small and inexpensive, it's perfect for buying and shipping far away.  I do wish they were closer so I could fill it with hot cocoa mix and cookies and give it to them in person!  

Hey, a girl can dream. 

 J & A Wares offers more super cute mugs and other gifts in their shop for a great price.  There is sure to be one for someone special on your list.  Be sure to check them out!  The mugs are very high quality!  They are a beautiful, clean bright white with a seamless print.  They are dishwasher safe and the design will not wash away.

Because I am all about supporting the small businesses this year and staying out of the big box stores, I wanted to share this awesome find with you!

Wishing you magic as you shop for your loved ones this holiday season!

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Robin Slawnyk is a Naturopath in Livingston County, MI that works with clients all over the country on physical and spiritual wellness. Robin is a homeschooling Mom of two living and loving in Metro Detroit.

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