Nov 19, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: TOP PICK! Personalized Wooden Sword

Welcome to our 2015 holiday gift guide!

Calling all Moms of Boys!  If you want to rock Christmas like I do this year, you need to check out this sweet sword from Wood N Hook on Etsy!

So, my Son is in love with swords and light sabers and all things boy.  When I found this, it was seriously an effortless choice for me to score it for him.  It's an awesome price and fantastic quality.

The wood is a rich and beautiful color and it's so soft to the touch.  You can tell and feel that a lot of care went into the making of this!  It's a good width and a nice, sturdy piece.

The personalization has a unique look to it, almost pirate-like.  I love it.  
The handle is nice and roomy and I just think that he is going to have an absolute blast playing with this.  Not to mention, it's going to be a very special keepsake.

I can not wait to gift this to my little guy and I am considering getting a couple for my Nephews as well!  Be sure to check out the Etsy Shop for this and all of the other awesome gifts they offer.

In our earlier post, I talked about how I am going to be choosing gifts from outside the walls of big-box stores and mass online retailers and seek out the unique and beautiful gifts offered elsewhere.
This one fits the bill, perfectly.

Wishing you lots of love through the holidays and always!

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