Nov 19, 2015

Subscription Box Review: CAIRN! A great holiday gift!

So, as my Holiday shopping is underway in full force- I was in the dust about what to get two important men in my life, both of whom very much enjoy being outdoors.  We aren't talking hard-core skiiers by any means but hiking, biking and hunting at least.

I came across CAIRN - an outdoors-themed subscription box service that is way too awesome.
Here I've got two boxes up for review. 
 Each of them had an inspiring message literally right out of the box :)

My initial goal was to buy two boxes instead of a subscription to piece the items out and give them to the two men I mentioned.  Well, a couple problems came out of that - #1 is that my kids and I ate all of the yummy, healthy (non-gmo and gluten free!) snacks and then I decided I wanted to keep half of the contents for myself.  I especially enjoy the butter lip balm, compass hook, greeting card, fire starter and the tube.  So, there isn't much left for me to gift.  Oops.  I especially love that the quality of the products are high enough to earn the seal of approval from this crunchy mama.

Sorry Dad, I'm keeping your presents.
(There are some pretty awesome coupons inside the box though, I could always buy more of the stuff I kept, right??) 

So, I decided that a 3-month subscription of their own would be a perfect gift.  Then, they can decide for themselves if they want to continue receiving boxes and re-enroll if they so choose.
But, at least from me- they will be getting three boxes of pure awesome.

So, I'm just an average Mom who hikes and bikes with her littles.  Who would have thought that this box would be perfect for me, too??  Well it is.  And it totally went on my gift list.

Who do you know that loves to be outside?  
This box will be perfect for them.

Happy Shopping!

Wishing you lots of love through the holidays and always!

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Robin Slawnyk is a Naturopath in Livingston County, MI that works with clients all over the country on physical and spiritual wellness. Robin is a homeschooling Mom of two living and loving in Metro Detroit.

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