Apr 30, 2016

Adventure Awesomesauce: Imagination Station in Toledo

So, my Sister and I recently ventured to Toledo with our 3 littles - her daughter is 4 and my kids are 4 and 5 to visit Imagination Station.

Can I just say: Awesomesauce.

We are frequent visitors of the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor and Impression Five in Lansing.  Both of which we enjoy and recommend - but oh my!  Imagination Station was surely a destination for an full-day adventure, and we loved every minute.

Their hours are tricky for those of us that have nappers, because they are open 10-5.  So when I see hours like that, with a nap time of 12-3, I have to choose between 10-1130 or 330-5.  The admission prices there are a little higher that what I would consider spending for a 90 minute excursion.  So I did what every crazy Mom would do; decide to skip nap and deal with the aftermath later.  I was armed and ready to grab kiddos and bolt for whenever they lost their marbles - but guess what; they never did!  All three kids were SO busy, had SO much FUN and so many things to do - that they never lost it.  Actually, my Sis and I were ready to go after about 5 hours before the kids were even ready to go.  They of course slept the whole way home, but then still slept as per usual all night long because they were so worn out.  It's now been two weeks and they keep asking to look at the photos we took and want to go back again.  Even though it's in a different state -- it's really not a long drive at all.  It took a little over an hour for us to get there.

There are honestly way too many exhibits to list - so I will just list our favorites!  There's a little kid city with a Hospital, Grocery Store, Construction Company, Fire Station, Tree House and more.

 Our kids very much enjoyed looking at x-rays, taking care of the infants in the newborn nursery, pretending to check in and out patients, drive the ambulance and play Doctor in the hospital.

They built a house in the construction company, drove the fire truck, played in the tree house and climbed the rock wall.  They also had fun playing hide and seek in the tunnels under the tree house. 

 They had a great time grocery shopping/pushing shopping carts and pretending to be the cashier (with the working conveyor belts!) in the grocery store. 

  The staff there were GREAT for the environment they were working in.  You could see they displayed so much patience while the kids were transporting room-specific toys to the wrong rooms and messing up all of the cute little displays! ;)  They would wait until they were done playing and return the items and set up the displays again.   It was pretty cool to see that no one was interfering with their imaginative play.

The water station was a lot of fun!  We decided to do this activity last, before we left, because we knew they would get wet!  And we were right!  If you choose not to do this exhibit last, I would for sure bring in an extra set of clothes! 

In addition to our favorite attractions, they had fun in all parts of the center!  We were able to ride the 3-d simulation ride (which was incredibly fun for them - a little nauseating for me!!) We got to see the tightrope bicycle and some of the other awesome exhibits.  Even though we were there for five hours; we still didn't have a chance to visit every area!  We are already planning our next trip back! 

Have you been to Imagination Station or are you planning to go? 

Let us know all about it!


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  1. We live about 5 miles away, and go all the time. One of the benefits of living in Toledo, besides the zoo!