Apr 26, 2016

Better Life Bags - A Company SAVING DETROIT - one handbag at a time!

I was cleaning my bag the other day – my beloved Coach bag – and I came across a tag that said “Made in  China”.  I thought to myself: what? Everyone knows Coach bags are made in New York!  I didn’t buy this bag at a Coach outlet (notorious for selling the designer bags using cheaper materials than the retail stores would sell) – I bought it directly from Coach at full price.  So, I was confused about why it was made in China.  I did some digging and researching and found myself very upset that these are made in factories that do not guarantee fair working conditions or living wages.  So, basically, when you pay the price for your Coach bag you are simply paying for the design and the brand.  This was SO upsetting to me and I went on a quest for a new bag.

One of my friends, and a fellow homeschooling mama here in Metro Detroit is a rep for a company that does amazing things for under-privileged women around the world: Trades ofHope.  So, her website was my first stop to find my new bag.  You can read more about this company here.

This inspired some research – do any companies do this locally?  And guess what I found?

 Better Life Bags. MADE IN DETROIT. 
And my heart skipped a beat.  Or maybe three.  
I am in love with these bags and even more so; their mission!

I'm so excited to share this with you, that I wanted to write it up as soon as the box arrived in the mail with my new bag.  But like any good review, I had to actually use my product and have it stand up the test of my life before I could give you a real and honest review.  Guess what – I'm even more excited now that I was the other day! 

So – first things first.  Why do I love Better Life Bags?
It is a small, mommy-made and owned business.  It started off with a Mama making her own diaper bag and grew to a little etsy shop that she ran making handbags for women just like us.  Because the designs are oh-so-gorgeous and the quality is top of the line; it’s no wonder it blew up and she couldn’t handle her own anymore.  She looked into offshoring/outsourcing.  But, her heart was too good for that!  She decided to hire her neighbors right there in Hamtramck Michigan – who she knew needed work just like she did!  It grew from there, and now their staff is composed of amazing women and moms – just like you and me, who are now able to provide for their families that may have otherwise struggled.  This beautiful business and their amazing mission – get this – is right here in Detroit!  So by supporting this business and buying these bags; we are supporting moms just like us, right here in our city.  No kidding, I have goosebumps writing this! 

Secondly – the bags.
So, let’s be honest.  With a mission like that, I would probably buy the bag even if it didn’t hold up to the quality of a Ziploc.  But that is not the case here.  The bag I received from Better Life Bags is gorgeous.  The fabric is bright and beautiful and the leather is buttery soft.  It is durable and well made, and will surely stand the test of time.  I absolutely love it.  There is a custom bag process where you can design your very own bag and have it made by them – or you can shop from an existing inventory of bags that are already made.  I decided to select from the inventory because I was impatient and I found a bag that I love!  If I could make one suggestion, it would be that the tops were reinforced so when the straps drop, the bag doesn’t sag.  But other than that – it’s perfect! I’ve been carrying it for a few days and have received several complimentsI am also happy to share that they source the leather from cows that are raised on free-range farms and are already being used as meat cattle so they are being conscious about where their materials are being sourced from as well!

Better Life Bags has my business for life!  I am so excited to share them with you!

I encourage you to consider investing in Detroit the next time you invest in a handbag.  Because these Better Life Bags – are so much more than handbags. 

Better Life Bags is offering up a $100 gift card to one of our lucky fans – to use toward your purchase with them!  

Best of luck in the #giveaway and thank you for reading about #BetterLifeBags with us here at MDM!

xoxox Robin 
Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger


  1. The Clara & Sydney shapes are beautiful! I LOVE this company and was so thrilled to see you spotlight them. I've followed them for a while and love what they are doing for my city :)

  2. Perfect timing! I am on the hunt for a new bag! Love that this company is local AND has quality items! Where do I sign up for the giveaway?

  3. My favorite is the Linda in black leather with grey leather pockets, black canvas lining, silver hardware and the plum and cream cloth interior body.

  4. I definitely need a new bag. I love my red purse I own currently but the bottoms are starting to fray. The Clara looks great, I love green bags!

  5. I definitely need a new bag. I love my red purse I own currently but the bottoms are starting to fray. The Clara looks great, I love green bags!

  6. I have been desperately wanting one of these bags for quite awhile now! Thanks for featuring Better Life Bags and for this awesome giveaway!! I really love the Sydney and the Carrie. The Clara is also a favorite!

  7. Hmmm hard to pick, I think the Molly would be mine!!

  8. Love the Linda!! All of them are great though!

  9. It is hard to choose, but I really like the Nicole - Linen and Love 2!

  10. That Linda bag is so cute. To tell you the truth....I want them all!!!

  11. OMG Linda is just gorgeous I need her in my life

  12. Love Better Life Bags!! Just got a Brynnda.

  13. I love the Sydney bag! The colors and pattern are amazing!

  14. Desperately need a new bag. Love better life bags.