Apr 30, 2016

"I share because I care" Moms helping Moms - Saving Babies! #becauseicare

Disclosure:  If you have any questions about your child and their car seat please consult with a Licensed Car Seat Technician, you can find one here: http://cert.safekids.org/ 

Most of us can relate to being in the position where you see something that frightens you, but you are afraid to speak up.  This especially rings true in Motherhood.  It is SO HARD to be a Mom.  We feel like we are constantly in the light of others judgement.  For the most part, it's true.  But there is one subject that none of us should overlook: Car Seat Safety.

When we are browsing social media sites, it's so common to come across a picture of a baby that is improperly installed in a car seat.  It is so unfortunate that no one goes out of their way to teach new parents how to safely secure their child in a seat.  So, this leaves us to do what we think is right; and sometimes it's not the safest way.  

Here at Metro Detroit Mommy we are on a mission to start something powerful - a single image that says it all.  Something you can message to someone, or post as a photo comment - that should explain the reasoning and intention all it itself.  Chest clip and strap tightness is a key component to a child being safe and is one of the most improperly used elements of a seat!

We encourage everyone, save this image on your phone or computer and keep it handy.  Share because you care!  Before you think twice because you're too worried about offending another parent, think about how you would feel if something terrible happened and you could have said something to prevent it.  It's powerful, and it's needed.


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