May 19, 2016

Civil War Remembrance Weekend - May 28-30th at Greenfield Village

Feel the Civil War come alive all around you as bustling camps, cavalry and period music enliven an entire weekend filled with reenacted events.

Before we immerse ourselves in summer pleasures, we stop to recall the 3 million people who fought in America's Civil War and the estimated 750,000 people who died — the equivalent of 7.5 million dead today.

This weekend in Greenfield Village, hundreds of Union and Confederate reenactors, civilians, musicians and historic presenters — all in period clothing — converge, eager to share their knowledge with you. There are dozens of opportunities to learn more about this pivotal time in American history: exhibits, presentations, battle tactics demonstration, hands-on activities and insights from historians.

Please join us in honoring the sacrifices and achievements of all those who bravely fought and continue to fight in defense of our great nation. The Henry Ford will participate in a national moment of silence at 3 pm Monday as signaled by the Armington & Sims shop whistle.
Your experience includes
Reenactors in Period Dress
Military Tactical Demonstrations
Recognition, Commemoration and Presentation
Live Music
Civil War Resource Center
Special Presentations
Historians' Insights
Military and Civilian Camps
Hands-on Activities
Dramatic Presentations
Free with Greenfield Village Admission

Remember and Learn
Greenfield Village offers you the opportunity to learn about and challenge the many viewpoints of the Civil War period. Hear from both Union and Confederate soldiers along with the people on the home fronts as they present Civil War Remembrance.

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Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger:


  1. I LOVE Civil War Remembrance weekend at Greenfield Village. I haven't been in a few years, but it's my favorite event they do!! So cool seeing all the camps and re-enactments!

  2. I have never been to the Civil War reenactment. My son (almost 10) is learning about the Civil War in school, he would absolutely LOVE this!!!!

  3. I have been to both, but have never been to the Civil War Reenactment. I would love to take my kids!