May 10, 2016


Whether you find them creepy or cool, bugs are important to science and necessary in the natural world. They are master engineers, architects, and chemists. The Michigan Science Center’s (MiSci) new exhibit, Bug Quest, lets visitors explore the world of bugs and experience them first hand. Bug Quest features two unique exhibits – Bugs…Outside the Box and Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders. Together they allow curious minds to get up close and personal and observe the world of bugs, all while learning their relevancy to our everyday life.

“Love them or hate them, bugs are amazing creatures, and we are thrilled to bring not one, but two exhibits together for an exciting and educational experience,” said Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO, Michigan Science Center.  “Bug Quest allows visitors to choose their own adventure path as they explore the insect world.”

Bugs…Outside the Box
Have you ever looked a four-foot long beetle square in the eyes? Bugs…Outside the Box presents a variety of 18 larger-than-life model bugs, each showcasing the beauty and intricate design hidden in these tiny creatures. This exhibit gives you the opportunity to observe details that are not visible to the naked eye. Each sculpture is placed on a large base and is supplemented with information on the life cycle of the insect, facts on metamorphosis, and more.

Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders
Reminiscent of a circus sideshow, this exhibit features more than two-dozen live bugs, including glow-in-the-dark scorpions, the world’s largest bird-eating tarantula, and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these insects. Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders aims to present bugs in a new and fascinating light.

STEM Challenge Area
Created by the MiSci Education Team, the STEM Challenge Area will allow visitors to put themselves in the place of an insect through engaging activities. For example, relative to their body size, visitors will discover if they can lift as much as an ant or jump as far as a grasshopper.
Additionally, MiSci will be featuring the IMAX® film, Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure, which features an exploration of Borneo’s rainforest with more than 40 tropical bugs.

On May 19, MiSci’s monthly After Dark series continues with After Dark: A Bug’s Night! This ages 21 and older event will be held in Bug Quest, and will give attendees the opportunity to observe, touch, explore and even taste the world of bugs. Guests are invited to eat chocolate covered crickets from Detroit Ento, drink a bug juice cocktail, or enjoy a bug-themed ice cream from Treat Dreams. Additionally, Julie Lesnik, entomophagy expert from Wayne State University, will be on-site discussing the human consumption of insects, a common practice throughout the world. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or online.

Bug Quest will run from May 14 – Aug. 14. Ticket prices (including general admission) are $18 for members and $20 for non-members.

About the Michigan Science Center
The Michigan Science Center is a hands-on museum that inspires curious minds of all ages to discover, explore and appreciate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a creative, dynamic learning environment. The Science Center features five theaters, including Michigan’s largest screen at the Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre; the Dassault Systèmes Planetarium; the Toyota Engineering 4D Theater; the DTE Energy Sparks Theater; the Chrysler Science Stage; a 9,800 square-foot Traveling Science Hall for special exhibits; hands-on exhibit galleries focusing on space, life and physical science; Kids Town just for pint-size scientists; along with, education and outreach programs. For more information, please call 313.577.8400 or visit the website,

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