Jul 14, 2016

‘Nemo’ to Attend Lucky Fin Project Annual Midwest Family Picnic and Gathering

Hayden Rolence, the 11 – year old boy from Aurora, Illinois who voiced ‘Nemo’ in the Pixar sequel “Finding Dory”, will be in attendance at the annual Midwest Family Picnic and Gathering for the Lucky Fin Project. The event will be held July 30, 2016 at Boulan Park in Troy, Michigan, where over 200 participants from around the country will gather to share experiences and meet other members of the limb different community.

The Lucky Fin Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Royal Oak, Michigan in 2010 by Molly Stapelman after the birth of her daughter in 2007 changed her life. “As much as each baby is unique, Ryan entered the world with an unexpected hand difference. We received painfully little information from health care professionals and my husband and I were left to search for answers on our own”, stated Stapelman.

Lucky Fin Project founder Molly Stapelman and daughter Ryan. 
In all 50 states, and in over four-dozen countries around the world, the Lucky Fin Project (LFP) serves as a worldwide hub for those with upper limb differences. The organization aims to connect individuals and families, distribute awareness materials, financially support efforts to have children attend specialized camps, obtain prosthetics, and to fund other organizations within the limb different community. Their mission: To Celebrate, Educate, Support, and Unite families with children who are affected by limb differences. 

Physicians at hospitals such as Shriner's Children's Hospital (multiple locations), Texas Scottish Rite, Cincinnati Children's, Great Ormond Street Hospital of London, and Boston's Children's Hospital and countless others now refer patients and their families to the Lucky Fin Project for support. Stapelman went on to say, “I am thrilled that the Lucky Fin Project has become a beacon of hope for families facing a limb difference diagnosis, and that it offers them a safe space to celebrate their child’s accomplishments and seek advice or support when they need it most”.

Lucky Fin Project Ambassadors attending this year’s event: 

Tony Memmel, professional songwriter and performer born missing his left forearm, he taught himself to play the guitar by constructing a self-made cast out of Gorilla Tape that secures a guitar pick to his arm.
Nick Newell, is a retired Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a 13-1 professional record despite being born with a left arm that ends just above his elbow.
Rebekah Marine, is a model and inspirational speaker well known for her bionic prosthetic arm. She has walked in New York Fashion Week multiple times and has been featured in People Magazine, US Weekly, TIME and Teen Vogue.

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