Sep 2, 2016

Amazing Etsy Finds - Felt Toys that make my heart smile!

So, it's no big secret that I am obsessed with Etsy!  And with good reason, might I add!  Etsy to me is like the farmers market - it's a group of small businesses, most of them run by Mommies just like you and me.  They support their families with this income!  When I buy something on Etsy, I know it's helping a little girl go to dance class or a little guy getting a pair of shoes or a mommy getting a much needed massage! I would much rather my money go there than the CEO of the big box stores.

Anyway, I recently did a little mini-session event for my photography business and did a training event, completely free to my attendees, to teach single moms in my community a trade so they can start their own businesses to support their families.  What better way than to utilize other small businesses to complete my mission?  I want to share with you some amazing little shops that I found and the adorable items that they created for me - BY HAND!  How perfect is that? :)

First up, we have a cute little felt fire set.  It's perfect for when your littles are pretending to camp, to set up as a prop for photo sessions and just for adorable bedroom decor!  I was so impressed with this adorable little felt fire and I absolutely love it.  I think every little outdoor lover needs one!  It came with 4 logs, a fire with three colors and all of these cute little rocks!

Find it on Etsy 
or Visit The Little TeePee Company

Check out these adorable little donuts!  First of all, I was stunned at how big they are and how real they look!  They come in this cute little set of three and they were a big hit with the kids and grown-ups alike!  These make the cutest addition to every home play-kitchen, for tea partys and for decorations!

Find it on Etsy
or Visit The Burnt Gingerbread Yum Shop

These cupcakes are so cute and real, I totally wanted to eat them!  The kids had so much fun playing with these life-like cupcakes that came as a set of four and in a giftbox.

These cupcakes are a must-have for your little ones play kitchen set, as they're sure to have so much fun baking and serving them!

Find it on Etsy
or Visit Farm Fresh Felt Toys

And, oh my holy precious - can we take a moment to adore these beautiful crowns?  These small and perfect crowns are a must-have for every dress-up collection, tea party, photo shoot and even to dress up a teddy bear in your nursery!  I adore these well-made crowns with beautiful intricate details. Calling all photographers!  You totally need one of these in your prop bag!  Find it on Etsy or Visit Fetes and Fables 

Last, but absolutely not least - these precious cake-pops!  This little trio of adorable was a fun hit for the kids to play with.  They were called both cake pops and lollipops by the kids, and enjoyed none the less.  They were also "eaten" a few times and cleaned up very easily without falling apart!  Again, another must-have for your childs play kitchen.  The quality and adorable-ness of the tiny details is unmatched!

Find it on Etsy
or Visit The Bumble Be
Can you see why I am raving about these?!?!  The quality and value is so much higher than the plastic playfoods that can easily be found in big box stores, and I even prefer them to our Melissa and Doug wooden play foods.  I encourage all of you to check out these shops for upcoming birthdays and holidays, they will make the perfect gifts for little ones in your lives!  It feels so good to know you are supporting little mommy-owned businesses and helping make a difference in their worlds!

Be sure to check out their etsy shops, too, to find all of the other adorable items!

oxoxxox, Robin
Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger

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