Sep 23, 2016

Creatures of Light: Michigan Science Center 9/24/16 to 1/15/17

It has been a while since we have been to the Michigan Science center.  So when they asked if I wanted to attend a complimentary media preview event for "Creatures of Light" we were all excited to head back and discover all about bioluminescence (the generation of light by living things).

So, I bet your first question is answered here:

It is just so cool... enLIGHTening even.  Did you know that it is estimated that ninety percent of deep-sea creatures produce bioluminescent light?

The Michigan Science Center in Detroit is hosting their Creatures of Light exhibit starting on 9/24 and it will run until 1/15/17.  The exhibit is hosted on the top level of the science center.

Creatures of Light is divided into six major sections covering the woods (mushrooms), fireflies, glowworms, dinoflagellates, Sea Shores (corals, jellies & other fish) and Deep Ocean.

Each section provides children with hands on learning experiences and they touch buttons, flip switches, watch videos, interact with screens and even pretend to swim in a bay.

According to our map there were opportunities to see live animals in the exhibit... but we totally missed them.  Check the map below so you don't miss them too.

With three kids, on my own it was a bit stressful.  Rosa (age 7) and Carlyn (age 4) enjoyed it.  Rosa got the most out of the experience and I probably would leave the other two at home if we could so we both could really enjoy each station.  The lighting is a bit dark too, so you have to be careful and keep the kids close.  That being said, it was a fantastic learning experience for my two older girls, and myself.

Find out more about Creatures of Light.

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