Nov 30, 2016

Story-Book Advent - Little to NO-COST ideas

All year long I have had my heart set on starting a new Christmas tradition of wrapping 24 story books and putting them beneath the tree, so the kids can unwrap one each night and I will read it to them.  I was feeling bummed that I wasn't able to budget it in, but then came up with a great idea while I was helping my kids clean their rooms to choose toys to donate.

As I was going through their impressive library of books, I realized that we hadn't read half of them in over a year if at all.  They have a selection of favorites that we keep in a basket by the beds which make it easy to select one and read it at bedtime.

So, I shopped the library that we already have at home.  I picked out 24 books and wrapped them up, placed them under the tree - and they are excited to see which ones we will unwrap and enjoy each night.

Here are some other cost-effective ways to pull off the story-book advent:

-Shop for books at your local thrift stores
-Check out Scholastic Book Fairs, sometimes they have books that are $1-$5 each
-Do a book swap with some friends
-Check out library book sales

Wishing you a holiday full of special traditions and memories that your children will cherish forever!


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