Dec 4, 2016

HOT Holiday Gift alert! 3Doodler Pen! SO much fun!

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I am so excited that I decided to try this 3Doodler Pen out with my kids even though they are younger than the suggested age on the box.  My kids are 4 and 6.  Though they needed my help at first, they were quickly able to make projects by themselves.  They are not as neat and sturdy as the older children would be able to do, but I do a little touch up when they are done to reinforce them. 

My kids will sit down for an hour at a time, sometimes more than once per day - concentrating and working hard to create something.  They have decided to gift some of their creations for the holidays.

The kit comes with a doodler pen that charges by either plugging into your USB on the computer or a USB adapter for the wall outlet (like a phone charger).  It comes with two packs of plastics (which only lasted my kids a week, we are buying refills), a charger and a book of stencils to get them started.  Once the kids get an idea of how to use the pen by trying out the stencils, they quickly begin making their own creations!  It's so cool to watch.

I watched a lot of videos and did some research before deciding to get these pens.  I thought the concept of drawing in the air was so awesome.  I found that it's actually very difficult for the kids to draw in the air because it takes about 30 seconds for the plastic to harden once it melts out of then pen.  The best way is to either print something off for them to trace or to use their stencil book, as pictured above.  Once it hardens, you just peel it off the paper and then use the pen to connect the pieces- making it 3D.

There is something so cool about watching your childs imagination come alive through these projects.  I love that they use the stencils as a guide but choose their own colors and add their own unique details.  

This masquerade mask that my daughter made for herself has been used in lots of dress-up playtime.  

When my older niece and nephew were here, they are ages 11 and 13, they made some very intricate and functional creations.  I can definitely see the benefit of kids using this product ages 4-adult.  Even I have fun making things with it. 

The 3Doodler Start is definately one of the hottest toys on the wish lists this year!  Check it out!

Have a 3Doodler at home?  Share your creations with us in the comments below. We would love to see! 

Wishing you lots of fun creating masterpieces with your children!

xox, Robin
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