Nov 29, 2010

Canterbury Village

Well, it's time for putting up Christmas trees, so my mom and I took a trip out to Canterbury Village with Rosa in tow.  

Parking was a breeze, we got a spot right next to Aldridge's Always Christmas store.  Let me just say that if you are looking for Christmas Ornaments, this is the place to go.  They have a lot to choose from, animals, snowmen, sports teams, they even had fruit ornaments.  Although, they don't carry many licensed ornaments like Disney or  My Little Pony.  We spent at least an hour shopping there.  They have four floors which we had to navigate via the elevator because of our stroller.  The aisles were spaced well so that moving around with Rosa was not difficult, even with her hands reaching out to try to grab everything within her reach.  

My mom picked out a few ornaments and proceeded to the register where there was no line.  We were helped right away by a smiling, friendly young lady.  She rang up my mom's ornaments, my mom paid, then looked at the receipt and realized the girl had overcharged her by over $25.  She apologized and refunded the overcharged amount.  

We continued on our way.  We looked at the old map near the Christmas Store and decided we would try to find the toy store.  We wandered past Whittington's and into the Pavilion area where you can ride the carousel for just $1.  Rosa wasn't sure about the carousel ride when it first started, but by the end of the ride she was happy to be on the horse.  

We stayed in the store for a while longer as Rosa checked out all of the ornaments that were in bushel baskets around the carousel ride.  Then we moved on.  My mom checked out a few of the stores that lined the back of Canterbury Village while Rosa and I explored the play area.  There were a few Stage 2 play structures set up.  They all showed considerable wear.  Rosa did enjoy going down the slide a few times, but it was nothing too exciting, just enough to pass the time while Grandma shopped.  

We then walked around to The Clansman Gaelic Pub.  There were a few empty tables.  We sat at a booth near the back.  I was really disappointed by the menu.  I was hoping for something more than an Americanized menu full of food that I can get at any chain restaurant.  The only thing special about this place was that I felt intimidated by the names of some of the sandwiches.   But, like I said it was nothing more than calling a hamburger something fancy.  

Lunch was okay.  The service was okay.  The prices were okay.  I'm not even thinking about going back any time soon.  Matter of fact, if I do go back and get hungry, I'm more likely to stop at Joe's Crab Shack, which is about 5 miles away.  

After lunch we stopped in the Canterbury Gift Shop.  My mom found a basket she liked.  I didn't really find much in there that interested me.  

Overall, it was a nice day with my mom, but not a great place to take a young child.  I did see a lot of children dressed up for the holidays.  I am assuming they were visiting Photo Art by Suzie to get their pictures taken.  We did see Santa at the Christmas Store, but that isn't enough to bring me back unless I'm looking to decorate my tree.  

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  1. I like Always Christmas a lot. We got Zoe a personalized ornament there last year for her first Christmas.

    We actually got married there, at Kings Court Castle -- they have 3 or 4 banquet rooms. It was a beautiful place to have a wedding, and the staff was really nice.

    As far as being a place to take really small children, you're right - it's probably not the best -- Zoe was too young for the carousel ride last year, but even this year it wouldn't hold her attention for very long.