Nov 22, 2010

Great Lakes Crossings - Play Place

The look of fun!
I had never visited Great Lakes Crossings play area.  I don't really know why.  I have been to the mall only a few times, and never really thought about going until my mother told me about it last week.  Since I have to pick up my son, Damian, from his father's house (which is right down the road) every other Sunday, we decided to give ourselves an extra hour to stop by and let Rosa play.

We parked right by the Food Court and wandered in, not knowing what to expect.  I told my hubby, "I bet there is no coincidence that you have to walk through Jeepers to get to the play area."  Jeepers scares me by the way.  I'm sure that one day Rosa will have the pleasure of visiting there for more than just a simple walk through, but all the kids, chaos and well, then there is the money.

Potato Chips
So we got through Jeepers and made our way to the play area.  I think my jaw dropped.  It was mayhem.
Here is a link if you would like to check out a video that my husband made.

So, if you haven't been there before, it is basically a play area for children.  There are a bunch of over-sized food items for the children to climb on.  Oh and a few ladybugs too.  There are two very large entrances and the play area is surrounded by the food court.  There is seating both inside and outside of the area.

In the pancake!!
What I liked:

  • The cost of playing in the area is free.  
  • Some of the smaller items Rosa was able to easily climb.  
  • There was a rolled pancake (I'm guessing) for the children to climb through. 
  •  There was ample seating for the large amount of parents to sit inside the play area. 
  •  The play area is very large.
  • Hand sanitizer stations were located by the entrances.

Ice Cube? Pat of Butter? 
What I didn't like:

  • Where is the slide, or something like a slide?  Closest thing there was to a slide was a potato chip which was about as long as Rosa is tall.  
  • Most of the items Rosa needed assistance to play on.  Including the cupcake and hot dog.  
  • There were two very large exits which would be hard to monitor if I didn't shadow Rosa.
  • Most of the items showed considerable wear including cracks, and missing pieces of foam.
  • The hand sanitizer stations were empty.
  • The spacing between some of the food items (cupcake, hot dog and watermelon) were close enough to encourage the children to jump from one large item to the other, and while jumping, the children were not paying attention to others.  
  • The number of unsupervised children.
  • Parents and children were eating inside of the play area.
While it was a decent experience.  I will probably let Rosa play there again when I go shopping at Great Lakes Crossing, but I won't be going out of my way to visit.  

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