Dec 11, 2010

McDonalds - Sterling Heights: 14 Mile near Van Dyke

This Location is now closed!!!

Let me tell you first, I don't like McDonalds.  I rarely go there because the food is blah, the employees don't count the items they place in your bag and I rarely get what I order.

My previous experiences with McDonald's certainly have clouded my judgement, but I honestly think that today would have turned me off if I had never experenced the "Golden Arches" before.

We visited the Sterling Heights Mcdonald's on 14 mile, near Van Dyke.  When driving by, the Play Place looks impressive.  Lunch was $14 and change for the three of us.  The cashier was easily confused by my request for extra pickles, "extra pickles please, not just two, a lot of extra pickles".  I sometimes wonder if they are not allowed to talk to the cooks, "Hey this lady wants you to put a whole layer of pickles on her burger, okay?" Wouldn't that be more effective than hitting the "extra" button three times, and me getting a whopping three pickles.  Alright, I admit it, I LOVE pickles. And I am not "lovin' it" when I can't have it "My Way".

Anyway, we went into the Play Area, where we noticed that half of the tables were reserved for a Birthday Party. The high chairs were all dingy, the floor was sticky and bits of food were scattered throughout the surface.  I almost didn't want Rosa to play without her shoes on.

The actual play structure was clean and didn't show any wear or damage.  Damian took Rosa up into the structure which consisted of three rows of platforms for climbing on one side, two tunnels and a balance beam to climb through and one twisting slide.  Rosa seemed to enjoy herself, but there wasn't anything she could do on her own.  Granted, the play place is for ages three to ten, so we are not the target audience, but it would be nice if they had something for the younger children.

So nothing changed, I still don't care for McDonalds.

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