Jan 17, 2011

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

During the Royal Oak Robotics competition a few months back, Chancellor and I decided to take off for lunch and find a place to eat.  I was in the mood for a deli sandwich.  Boy did we find the right place!  We stumbled upon Potbelly Sandwich Shop on Woodward.

There is so much to love about this place starting with the decor.  Everything is vintage.  (Which means it's used and recycled, GO GREEN.)  According to their website, every store is unique in this way.  Which makes every store a new experience.  But, each store has a potbelly stove.

There was a little bit of a line when we arrived, but it moved quickly with the friendly employees taking orders and making sandwiches in just a couple of minutes.  I ordered the Original Turkey with chips, a cookie and a drink.  The sandwich was wonderful and the cookie was even better.  Rosaleigh shared with us.

While we ate we were entertained by a guy who played the guitar.  There were a bunch of families there at the time and Rosa was happy to get up and dance to the music along with another little girl.

While Potbelly's is not geared toward children, (there is no children's menu, but you could order a skinny sandwich for your child) I think it is a great place to go if you and your children enjoy live music.  But the trick is finding out when the musicians are there.  Either way, you are sure to get a great sandwich with a fun atmosphere.

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer: