Apr 15, 2011

Kiddie Klub **closed**

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We are sad to pass on the news that as of June 30, 2011 Kiddie Club will no longer be offering the indoor play option at their facility.  They will still provide regular and drop in child care services.  We will keep you posted on updates as we hear them.

This past Wednesday we ventured out to Kiddie Klub in Rochester Hills to visit their indoor play center.  Kiddie Klub is located on Crooks south of m-59 on the East side of the road in a shopping plaza.  In addition to the indoor play center they offer traditional and drop in child care services.

When we arrived we were greeting by a friendly employee who had us sign in and pay.  Kiddie Klub offers a discount on Wednesdays, five dollars for each child under the age of two if you arrive before noon.  Their regular admission is $7 per child, adults are free.  The lobby area is filled will Mellisa and Doug products and other toys for purchase.  I was given a brief run down of the offerings of the play center and we went in to take off our shoes.

The cubby area is part of the open floor plan and is right next to the entrance.  A bench sits in front of the cubbies to aid in the removal of shoes.  Many hooks line the wall at both child and adult level for coats and bags.  Extra socks are provided in both children and adult sizes in case you forget yours.

The biggest feature of the indoor play center is the play structure which is very large.  It consists of two small slides, a long tunnel slide, multiple climbing areas, a bridge and lots of space to play.  At twenty one months, Rosa was able to easily navigate the multicolored steps, but needed some help in the two sections that contained steps.  Rosa spent a fair amount of her time climbing and going down the slide before she ventured to check the other areas of Kiddie Klub.

Kiddie Klub indoor play center provides many different areas for the children to play besides the play structure.  There are three different rooms with a variety of toys that promote creative and imaginative play.

The train room has many wooden trains, train tracks, blocks, trucks and a train table.  We spent some time constructing the train tracks and playing with the trucks.

There is a room full of dress up clothes and a full length children mirror.  The most popular costumes were the dragons and dinosaurs with the boys.  Rosa isn't into costumes yet, so we didn't spend much time in this room.

She did spend a lot of time in the last room which was set up like a kitchen.  There are many shopping carts, pretend food, dishes, baby crib, high chair, table, chairs, doll strollers and kitchen furniture. She enjoyed pretending to cook for the baby dolls.

In addition to the rooms with toys, there were plenty of other toys for the children to play with, duplo blocks, riding toys, plastic balls, books and more were available.  There was also an infant/toddler large motor area that Rosa had fun exploring.

Kiddie Klub does offer a cafe menu with sandwiches, snacks and drinks for adults and children.  Rosa had a chocolate milk and crackers while I had a blended coffee.  The coffee was a far cry from the Starbucks that I'm used to.  They do advise that they are peanut free and do not allow outside food, but I did see some families had brought in their own food, including one of the children that was there for drop in child care.

Overall it was a wonderful experience.  We got to meet a lot of new friends, play and get out a lot of energy.  I highly recommend Kiddie Klub, it is a great place to play.

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