Jun 6, 2011

McDonald's - Warren (10 mile and Dequindre)

A friend of mine just recommended this location to me after speaking at the Oakland Mall play area.  She gave it great reviews.  With high expectations, we arrived and were blown away.  By far, the BEST Mc Donalds play place in Michigan so far.

The building and structure are rather new.  I spoke with an employee who said they have been here for two years.  The restaurant is nicely decorated.  Everything is new, although the floors could have been a bit cleaner.  There is a cafe/cabin feel with natural tones and splashes of green.  In the play area there are three booths and four stationary tables.  Most of the chairs are stationary as well with swivel seats that proved to be quite a challenge for my two toddlers.  There is a family restroom within the play area.

 The play structure is amazing.  There is a toddler section with a couple of tunnels, a slide and a steering wheel.  There are three main levels to the structure housing a spiral slide, rock climbing, nets for climbing, monkey bars and so much more.  Stairs make the structure easily navigable for both of my toddlers.  Rosa and Evan only had issues climbing one section where the platform was too high.

There is also an air hockey table that is free to play.  I'm sure my teen will just love this feature.

The service was great.  The employees were super friendly and the speed was acceptable.

I'm just so happy to have found this great Mc D's.  We will surely be back often.

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