Jun 6, 2011

Tons of Trucks Event at St. Johns Medical Center

On Saturday, June 4th, 2011 I took Rosa to the Tons of Trucks Event hosted at St. John's Medical Center.  We had so much fun.  There were so many things going on there, we didn't have time to do and see everything.

Rosa didn't want to see any of the trucks when we first arrived.  We walked slowly toward the back of the event and we saw a juggler on stilts.  He was fun to watch and had a great personality.  Rosa was a little groggy from not only the heat but she just woke up, so this was not going to be a photo op.

We saw Red Robin there.  They were giving away their famous freckled  lemonade.  Yum yum!!! They also had their mascot walking around in the ninety plus degree weather.  That is dedication.

We walked to the back of the event, past all the big trucks where Rosa participated in her first event, the moon bounce.  She hopped around in both bounce houses before we moved on to check out the other attractions.

They had many train/car rides, an opportunity to spray a fire hose and soccer set up in this area.  We had a lot of fun as we watched all the children running through the spraying fire hoses.

There were many vendors set up along the sidewalk giving away water, lollipops, face painting, tattoos and more.

It was only on the way back that Rosa wanted to check out some of the trucks.  There were so many trucks... it was amazing.  Firetruck, school bus, ambulance, tow trucks, limos, street cleaners, police motorcycles, business trucks and more.  There was a helicopter, mounted police and even a station to plant a flower to bring home.

We also encountered a Princess from the Tea Party Castle in Macomb. It was a great day full of fun.  The only drawback was the weather, which should have been much milder for this time of year.  We look forward to attending next year.  

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