Jul 18, 2011

The Mall at Partridge Creek - Splash Pad

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It's going to be one hot week.  I'm thinking we will be spending a lot of time at beaches, spray parks and pools, especially since Damian is with me this week.  Today we visited the Mall at Partridge Creek.

Partridge Creek Pop Jet Fountians   

Since this was our first visit, we didn't know where the splash pad and play area were located, so we entered by Max and Erma's and had to walk a bit to get to our destination.  If you go, I suggest that you park near the Bocce Courts on the south side or Tin Fish on the north side of the mall.

The spray pad consists of two sets of about 8 jets that run on timers and spray the jets in many different patterns.  The kids took quite some time to get used to the water, but after a few minutes they were splashing in time with the sprays.  They enjoyed putting their feet on the jets and sticking their hands in the spraying water.

After about an hour of water play they moved on to the play area.  This area is hosted by Henry Ford Hospital and had a healthy food theme.  Some of the items made noise which scared Evan.  Rosa was amazed by the cushioned ground cover and spent quite some time just poking it with her finger.

They climbed, jumped and slid down the fruit and veggies for about thirty minutes and then it was time to go.

The kids had a grand time.  It is something we will do again, maybe this week:)

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