Jul 6, 2011

Metro Beach Squirt Zone Play Ground

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We spent Rosa's second birthday at Metro Beach's Squirt Zone Play Ground. The kids had so much fun.  We arrived at about 10:30 a.m. and even though the sign said the squirt zone didn't open until 11:00, there were already a few children enjoying the water.

The squirt zone is located within Lake St. Clair's Metro Park (aka Metro Beach) at the end of 16 Mile Road (which has so many names... but here it is called Metro Parkway).  To enter, you will need a daily or annual pass.  The splash pad is located just south of the swimming pool and east of the main beach.  It is a bit of a walk from the parking lot.

Map courtesy of Google Maps
There is plenty of room for parents to sit and watch the kiddo's as they splash and play.  There are even a couple of shaded areas under big blue tarps.  The space is mostly enclosed with a netted fence, with two ungated sidewalk entry points.

The squirt zone is packed with a ton of water jets, spread out over colorfully decorated cushioned floor.  The play ground provides children (and adults) with plenty of opportunities to cool off on a hot day with a wide variety of water features to allow for children of all ages the ability to feel comfortable splashing around.

Rosa and Evan had a blast running through, splashing, kicking and going under the various water features and were completely worn out after only 90 minutes.

We headed back to the car (which is a bit of a walk) and I regretted that I hadn't brought the wagon, as they both wanted to be carried.

Overall a fun time at the Squirt Zone, I look forward to going back again soon!!!

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