Jul 25, 2011

Warren City Square Splash Area

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Gosh it was really hot last week.  On Friday, we decided to take advantage of the heat wave and visit the Warren City Square Splash Area. There is plenty of parking in the area, many tables with shade, restrooms and concessions.  We arrived shortly before ten in the morning and waited for the water to come on.  And waited and waited.  It was almost fifteen minutes before a gentleman cam out to say they were having technical difficulties and the water would be turned on "shortly".

While Rosa and Evan were waiting for the water to be turned on they played in puddles of existing water, pretending to swim.  Some children had brought plastic cups that they used to scoop the water and throw.  The grass sprinklers came on, which drew quite a crowd of children that were anxiously awaiting the Splash Area to come to life.

It was about 10:30 when the water finally came on.

The kids had a grand time.  They spend most of their time chasing the water since the jets didn't stay on too long in any one location, by the time they got to the water jet they saw, it disappeared.  They waited for the jets to come back on, but the delay was to long, and they were off to another jet to repeat the process.

It is a fun place to visit, especially since it is free and so close to home.  There were a lot of children there.  At least two groups of children from child cares were in attendance.  I would recommend the Warren City Square Splash Area for parents with children ranging from walking to about ten.

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