Aug 8, 2011

McDonald's - Sterling Heights: 15 and Van Dyke

Guest Blogger: Angela Miller

We visited the McDonald's at 15 and Van Dyke for a birthday party tonight. This might be one of the best McDonald's playplaces I've seen. I love it especially because there are plenty of tables and you are directly facing the play area for easy supervision. PLUS there is a bathroom right inside the Playplace. So if Janie or Johnny has to go potty, you don't have to drag their sibling(s) with you all the way across a crowded restaurant. The bathroom in the playplace was also quite clean and spacious.

There was one entrance to the playscape and there was the staggered steps/spiral staircase combo, with two slides (one with a slight curve, and one with a spiral) for the children to choose from. When I took a baby wipe to the first step in the play structure, I found it very clean. The floor and garbage cans were clean as well. The garbages were emptied once while we were there. As I touched on before, there is substantial seating, lots of tables and chairs. We visited this play area once before the birthday party and will hopefully be back many times in the future.

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