Sep 20, 2011

Michigan Renaissance Festival - Holly Michigan

It's been ages since I had last visited the Michigan Renaissance Festival, about 10 years or so.  I had forgotten how much fun is to be found.

The Festival features a ton of shops peddling their crafts or food, we saw real swords, wooden swords, glass blowing, hair braiding, turkey legs, Chinese food and desserts just to name a few.  There is also live entertainment at stages throughout the grounds from a mud show to a jousting competition you could spend all day watching the performances.  There are also rides, games and a whole section just for children.  This is where we spent most of our day.

The children's section featured a jungle gym which was crazy busy with children crawling and climbing everywhere.  Children could also create a magic wand with the fairies, play checkers, build with LEGO or play with the doll house in the cabin.  Rosa's favorite was the sandbox filled with purple sand!!  They also had a petting zoo and children's stage.

In addition to all the scheduled activities, food and fun, you can also people watch.  Many people come dressed up, sometimes not even in period dress, but dressed up nonetheless.  (I'm not sure anyone was wearing kitty ears and a tail in the Renaissance age, but who knows).

While the Michigan Renaissance Festival is a ton of fun, it does a number on your wallet.  Admission was almost $20/person, Turkey Leg $7, bottled water $3, dessert $4, ride on the swings $3, admission to the petting farm $1/person, so for our family of three adults and one child (who was free) we spent over $100 for the day.

You can see more images in our Michigan Renaissance Festival photo gallery.

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