Sep 4, 2011

Summer Sounds at Partridge Creek

We finally made it out to Partridge Creek for the free Summer Sounds concert.  We attended on Friday and watched Cancel Monday perform.  The stage is set up in the center of the open air mall.  There is a lot of seating, but not enough to handle the large crowds that gather, so if you intend to stay I suggest you bring a chair or be willing to sit on the ground.

 We all enjoyed the music performed by Cancel Monday.  The group has great chemistry and even better sound. They played current and past top 40 hits such as "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock, "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey and "California Gurls" by Katy Perry.  Rosa had so much fun dancing with the numerous other children who were running and dancing.  I think the most memorable part of the evening was when Monica, the lead female vocalist, let the children sing the chorus of "California Gurls".

Summer Sounds will continue only until Labor Day, but I really look forward to enjoying a few more of their free daily concerts next summer.

See more images of Cancel Monday at Partridge Creek on our Facebook Page.

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