Nov 4, 2011

Bounce House - Hayes south of 21 Mile - closed

This Location is now closed!!
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We are hitting all the Bounce House locations since they are continuing their special $5 per child before 3 p.m. any school day.  We visited the location on Hayes just south of 21 Mile today.

 The set up is very similar to the other locations, free arcade games for the parents, $.02 cent slot machines, two party areas, several picnic tables for snacks, and of coarse bounce houses.  This location contained four different bouncers, one for toddlers, a huge obstacle course, a bouncer/slide combo and a boxing arena.  

Bounce House policy is that the bouncers are for children use only, so we sat back and let Rosa enjoy the inflatables while we watched from the sidelines.  She also spent quite some time playing the video games.  Bowling seems to be her favorite since it is the easiest to play.  In addition to the typical features this location also had quite a few ride on toys available for the younger children.  Rosa had fun riding in the cars.  

This location shows a bit of wear on the inflatables.  Many children had a hard time climbing up the obstacle course wall because one of the handles was broken.  I also didn't like how some of the facility was off limits and I could not watch Rosa while she was in the far obstacle course.  

Of the ones I have visited, this location is my least favorite, although still worth the $5 special admission.  Be sure to call ahead to verify hours and prices.  

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