Apr 29, 2012

Circus Vowels - Book Review

At the Tummy to Toddler event, I had the pleasure of meeting a ton of great people.  One of those people was Jodi McMaster, author of "Circus Vowels".  I took the opportunity to take her book home and read it to my almost three year old daughter.  Rosa has already started to read.  She has about twenty words that she can identify by sight, so it is a great addition to our library.

"Circus Vowels" is a cute story about the vowel children and their visit to the circus.  The book explains some of the rules of vowel sounds with images and various scenarios.  Rosa really enjoyed hearing the book and looking at the pictures.  The story was entertaining.  

This book is a great choice for children who have already begun to read, preschool to grade two.  Classroom teachers working in a variety of programs will also find this book helpful.  Reinforcement activities are included at the end of the book, making this a great story for parents, grandparents, child care professionals, elementary teachers, special needs teachers, and anyone who works with children. 

Visit their website to order their book, get worksheets or get more information about the book.

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