Apr 23, 2012

Tiny Town Play Lounge

Tiny Town Play Lounge is located on Haggerty in the Haggerty Five Gateway Center right next to Jets Pizza.  This play center is designed to unite parents and children in creative play where imagination is key.  While designed for children under the age of 6, older children can enjoy this facility, as long as they are willing to be creative and pretend. Parents and children are required to remove their shoes and wear socks.  Cubbie space is provided near the entrance to place shoes and coats during your stay.

The play space is designed like a little town.

Tiny Town features a courtyard/park with a trampoline, helicopter, and climber to facilitate large motor skills/movement, a black light room with chalkboards and glow in the dark chalk, a veterinarian's office with x ray machines, pretend animlas and other tools of the trade, a grocery store with tons of food, register and shopping carts, a beauty shop, a theater with flashing lights, costumes and instruments, a transportation and construction area, plenty of cars to drive, an infant park and more.

There is plenty of comfy seating for the adults in the parent lounge, where there are also two large screen televisions and wifi access.

Tiny Town also serves many snacks and beverages at reasonable prices, in case you or your little one need some nourishment.  Playing is hard work!!  

Finally the boutique sells a variety of toys and jewelry.

Rosa and I had a grand time during our visit.  She especially enjoyed playing the drums and jumping on the trampoline.  A great surprise came when the bubble blower started. Many children were delighted to see so many bubbles.

You can see more images of Tiny Town in our Gallery, visit Tiny Town online or on Facebook.

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


  1. Was very, very disappointed in this play center. Ages 6 and under is a complete joke. More like ages 3 and under. It is very, very small. I have more toys in my house than they do in their entire facility. Definitely not worth a $7.50 admission price. This place will not last long.

    1. My daughter is 5 and I had to drag her out kicking and screaming! I thought there were plenty of fun things to do, and really enjoyed it. I will be going back for sure!

    2. I totally agree with Sandy. There were plenty of toys to play but more importantly there was a lot of stuff to do. My children didn't want to leave either, we had to threaten that they were closing. Not to mention $7.50 isn't a lot at all and you get to play all day. I spend 20 dollars at Chuck E Cheese and it lasts 10 minutes.

    3. On the contrary, I believe this place will last a very long time. Having one bad experience shouldn't allow you to justify the decision as to if it will become or not become a successful business. My kids were 4 and 6, almost 7 actually and they had a blast.

    4. My daughter also enjoyed the facility, and I too had to drag her out kicking and screaming (not the norm for her).

      $7.50 is pretty standard in the industry these days. In fact, I don't know of any indoor play centers (outside of Kulick) that charge less than that.
      Gyms and Bounce Houses might be lower, but limit your play time.

  2. Do NOT go to Tiny Town Play Lounge!!!! This place is so incredibly greedy! The kids and I went there for a concert with our free pass that we won from Metro Detroit Mommy. When we got there I was told that they don't accept passes on concert days. First of all, it was never written on my "pass" which was crudely written on a postcard. Secondly, I was completely willing to pay the extra fee for the concert (it was $2-$3 more than regular admission). I was also willing to buy socks and snacks for the kids after the concert.

    As a "smart" business owner, you have the discretion to make an exception (especially when you have cute, adorable children in front of you!) This was not the case here. What I think Tiny town failed to realize is that their business is MADE of loyal moms (and parents and grandparents) that are willing to pay top dollar for their kids to have a fun experience. If your customer has had a bad experience or is going through a bad experience with your business, you make every effort to make it right. Their customer service here is essentially non-existent.

    Furthermore, this experience comes after having another poor experience there just a few weeks ago. I had contacted Tiny town privately through email and never heard a response back. I even put up another message on their facebook page and again never heard back. I contacted them because I felt the music they were playing in the store was completely inappropriate for preschool children (they were playing the radio - think songs like "blurred lines", songs with lyrics like ""when you see my face, hope it gives you hell"). Also, there were several children running around one of which hurt a little baby. At Tiny Town, there is virtually no staff presence and apparently they could care less what is happening in the store.

    So now I'm at home with two sad, heartbroken kids. Not only did they lose out on a fun, educational experience but we are never going back to Tiny Town ever again. Hopefully, you won't either.